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Oats and Soup


supposed to be working!
I'm getting my oats and potato soup cans in the mail any day now! Here in the US the options are rather limited and we dont have pre-prepped food/packs...

Are the Brit CD foods called "Food For Life"?

I wish someone in the UK could send me some banana shakes and fun flavors.

Any fun variations on the oats?
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Hi Bini,

sounds interesting over there. I guess we have quite a lot of cool flavours (i like most of them) but can only get them through counsellor not by mail order. the porridge oats come in original and apple and cinnamon but you could add cinnamon to your plain oats. we don't have potato soup just leek and potato. ive gone off the soups now-yuk. quite liked them at the start.

Anyway good luck for when your stash comes

Sunshine Singer

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Hiya, I've gone off the soups too and live on bars, shakes made into mousse and poridge.

What about contacting the UK head office and explaining you're doing the US version and would love to try the UK flavours?

With your packs coming in the post, do not have a counceller to guide you through CD?


supposed to be working!
No sadly we dont have the CDC option either. Which is another reason I find this messageboard so helpful! It's a shame all y'all go to sleep just when my nighttime munchies begin to creep in ;)
I'll see if I can contact a CDC in the UK!

Sunshine Singer

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Wish I'd known you were about last night as I couldn't sleep. I litterally got 2 hours at 5am!!! I should have logged on :0)

That's a shame you don't get that help in the US. This site is great tho as you day xxx


supposed to be working!
lol! yeah I was on checking out the before-after galleries!
Aloize and Sunshine you both have done so well.
Sunshine my goals' very close to yours. Im starting at 160 and reaching for 120.
Im also gymming as usual (hardcore ;)) so hoping that accelerates the loss.
Are you girls doing any physical exercise?

Sunshine Singer

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Awwwww thanks.:p I'm just plodding along and can't believe the weight is falling off. I can't wait to get to goal. It'll be 9 stone first and then I'd say I'll go into the 8's. excited. Another 6lbs to go to go from overweight to normal!!!! woohoo x

I have always exercised loads but haven't been able to do much since starting CD. I'm gonna dig out my power plates and start on them and start building up the gym again. May even go tomorrow and take it easy on the treadmil. Are you exercsing?


supposed to be working!
you've done fab!!! :D
Yes im working out as usual.. i lie... a bit more than usual. I picked up a mini elliptical for my house so I do that with hand weights when I wake up (30 mins earlier than usual), and at least 3 times a week I'm hitting the gym for another 30mins on the big-boys elliptical and 30 mins spinning (fave exercise EVER!). Then I do crunches and some medicine ball work. I also walk back from work every evening which is 30mins brisk.
Hopefully this will speed things up.
I cant tell you how much im looking forward to some savory soup tomorrow (it will hopefully arrive at work in the afternoon!).
Sleep tight! :)

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Oh my god woman LOL...........that's loads!!!!!!!!!!! you beat me hands down there.well done you. Nite nite and sleep tight xxx

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