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As Obesity Fight Hits Cafeteria, Many Fear a Note From School

Six-year-old Karlind Dunbar barely touched her dinner, but not for time-honored 6-year-old reasons. The pasta was not the wrong shape. She did not have an urgent date with her dolls.
The problem was the letter Karlind discovered, tucked inside her report card, saying that she had a body mass index in the 80th percentile. The first grader did not know what ''index'' or ''percentile'' meant, or that children scoring in the 5th through 85th percentiles are considered normal, while those scoring higher are at risk of being or already overweight.
Yet she became convinced that her teachers were chastising her for overeating.

Full story As Obesity Fight Hits Cafeteria, Many Fear a Note From School - New York Times
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i would go mad if my childrens school introduced this. im all for getting them into activities and eating healthily...makes my life easier BUT i dont think kids should even know what BMI is. awful!!!


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How stupid,

do these people want our children to grow up with unhealthy obsessions towards food? We try to make things as normal as possible and then schools do this!! How pathetic i would have to seriously consider wether i wanted my daughter to continue at the school.

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and they wonder why so many children/adults have eating disorders, my best friend had an eating disorder and thank god is now over it but her 6year old niece wouldnt eat coz she was told she was fat, how can people let this happen. lucky enough i explained to her that if you dont eat silly fatty foods you wont get fat and tryed to show her the diffrence (and also bought her something every time she ate) and nowshe seems to be fine but if people keep going on about how inportant it is to be skinny then we are all gonna end up with eating disorders. i totally disagree with these size zero models i think its sick


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I swear i'd tear that school to pieces...shocking

How very very sad. Pitted against each other more or less...