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obsessed with cooking!

hi there
over the last couple of weeks my obsession with food and cooking is growing.

i read cookery books constantly, i'm cooking so much stuff our freezer is bursting, i keep making stuff i've never dared make before as i would have just pigged it all myself

its so strange - and liberating too.

my kids think i'm going mad - i keep force feeding them stuff! (they are all skinny so no probs there!)

it was strange at first not being able to taste food, but my sense of smell is so acute i seem to be doing ok just sniffing to see if there is enough stuff added in

my LLC described it as 'food porn' - anyone else finding this?
daisy x
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...we're sinking deeper.
Me too. I've been looking at a whole range of cookery books, actually WATCHING cooking shows on BBC iPlayer (lol), searching recipes online. Usually stuff that is sugar-free, Low Gi, and ... for some reason cakes as well. Cakes and pies are so interesting. I don't really want to eat them, but MAKE them. Haven't made them though. ...
Maybe it's the fascination with what we can't have, or want to experiment with. I mean... it's almost exciting isn't it? All that stuff that we took for granted now is suddenly highlighted in a new way. When I was cooking dinner tonight I experimented with some spices which I wouldn't have used in a million years before LL - and it came out very well! ... (I won't say what it was not to tempt anyone).

Embrace your new found interest and invest in the healthy side of it, when you come off LL (which should be soon!!!) don't get stuck into the pattern of making the same things, take this new-found fascination and go crazy! (and treat yourself a little too ;) ... but not too much. Moderation is the key!)

ROFL at "food porn" ... I suppose you COULD describe it that way ... but I think we can take it to a good place, and using this find a good way for us to live in the future. :D


Striving to be good.....
I hear you guys... last time I was on the diet, i baked bread = and I haven't done that in years!
i'm glad its not just me!!!
luckily i have 4 willing volunteers to eat the stuff i am producing, otherwise i'm not sure how i would cope with my newfound passion lol!
I've been told on numerous occasions I've turned into a 'feeder'. I make loads of tasty things for everyone else and never eat them myself!


...we're sinking deeper.
I've been told on numerous occasions I've turned into a 'feeder'. I make loads of tasty things for everyone else and never eat them myself!

Lol! Awesome. :D It's almost like a 'maternal' thing though isn't it? Making sure everyone else is satisfied through your efforts. Getting the satisfaction that you've made someone else happy (through their stomach :eek:).

I wonder if I'll become one of those... I do however look at recipes that are as healthy as possible, so that they're not just for my OH but also healthy enough for me to indulge in. :eek:
I do generally cook the healthy stuff but sometimes I feel the need to bake something naughty! My team at work were subjected to a rather large cake at our meeting on Monday xx

Jo B

Full Member
I'm another one that is obsessed with cooking! I keep thinking of all the things I can cook for my OH, did vats of veggie chilli and veggie spag bol to put in the freezer for him a couple of weeks ago. I've found since I've been doing LL I am so much more conscious of what other people put in their
mouths and I am being so much more adventurous than I was previously - I don't know where it's all come from!
I've been in a cooking frenzy ever since starting ... I always have cooked and really enjoy it but I have definitely stepped up a level since January.

To be honest its kinda been my food fix. I just love feeding everyone, which my family are used to but anyone who visits also gets fed or tends to leave with some kind of doggy bag lol!

I love all the food programes, really enjoyed Masterchef and really love "Come Dine With Me" at the moment.

I tend to cook really healthy everyday stuff but have a passion for baking and my children have both had their birthdays in the past 4 weeks so I have been in my baking element!

"Food Porn" OMG that's funny, if not a bit weird!


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