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Obsessive Weighing

Oh My God, today I have actually weighed myself 3 times!!! :copon:

I had made the descision on day one to put them away but by the morning of day 2 I had got them out again.

I have now just gone upstairs, taken the battery out, and thrown it in the bin, lol, lets hope I'm not down the bin in my Marigolds in the morning!!! :sign0137:
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Cambridge Consultant
Hey Kirsten.. (I know your name now)..
hon, Im exactly the same as you but worse to be honest...
i get on and off all day long..
its silly really as I find the scales go up and down all the time. I can get on one minute and it says one thing 10 mins after get on again it can say 2 pounds more!!
I dont know why we torture ourselves this way!!
Well done for throwing them away.
I just couldnt do it!x
So glad it's not just me! I have only thrown the battery away so I can see a trip for a replacement if the lack of awarness gets the better of me lol!


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i weigh myself all the time but only really acknowledge the official number at my weigh in with my cdc. i enjoy seeing the numbers changing and seeing my progress. of course if i've fallen off the wagon in any way seeing the numbers go up is a good incentive to get back on!!

abz xx
I'm the same too! I can't seem to help but weigh myself no matter what I do! It has both a positive (when I lose lb's) and negative (when I STS - esp for several days) impact on my mood! I think i've realised now that I don't think i'm going to be able to stop weighing myself everyday, although I have managed to get it down to just once (or twice :p) in the morning, but then after that I am at work so can't anyway!
Instead I think I have to change the way I react to the results and not let it get me so down if I stay the same and just keep as positive as possible! I'm my own worst enemy sometimes! xx
I'm exactly the same. I'm off and on like a yo-yo. My OH says I have OCW (obsessive compulsive weighing!). They go up and down all day long though it's so confusing!!

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