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Odd teeth


I will do this!!!
I get a slightly filmy feeling on my molars every so often, not sure if it's what you mean...? :) xx
I had that for the first week but I started uding Listerine mouthwash and it helps


The Diet Guy
I think this is due to a few reasons from experience.

The main one seems to be because you aren't eating conventional food then you get more build up on your teeth than if you were chewing food.

Can only recommend you use mouthwash and a toothbrush and as with all medical queries if really worried then pop and see your doc/dentist.

Yes!! I thought this was just me!

I've been brushing my teeth four times a day!

I wonder why that happens?!


I will do this!!!
Ok thanks. It seems like im brushing my teeth all day. Im on day five so maybe i just need to get used to it


Says it as it is!!!
Yeah, that and death breath xxx mouthwash works a treat xx
My teeth feel like they have a film of something on them but I wasn't sure if it was the LT or all the work I've had on them this year. Looks like it's the diet!

Yup CF, I'd go with the diet :)
My poor dentist has had a lot to put up with working on my ketosis mouth!!! I did tell her about my diet and warned her about my breath but I'm sure she is grateful the main work is finished and now won't see me till my check up next month!!!!

Sorry if this is a double post, but my posts aren't coming up.:(

Basically- ketosis produces ketone bodies, which are broken down to acetone, which are excreted in the breath (and urine). Equals yukky mouth.:eek:
Hey Noisy, loving the name ;)

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