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Off day :( .... Sorry for miserable post earlier

I'm fedup have bad earache doc says o there, am really hungry want to eat EVERYTHING and don't know why? Maybe it's the weighing between weigh days that's doing it, having saw most of last week I'd lost 3lbs the 24hours I gained 1.5lbs I think it's now time to lose the scales until Monday.
I apoligise if my posts annoy anyone as I was down about my losses I just needed support and I think it peed some people off.... Just always get confused how people lose when they blip and how do people get 3-4lb losses , that's all I meant Xx
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Aww hope your ear is better soon, earache is awful:( I would definately put the scales away til next week now, you will just drive yourself mad otherwise.
Everyone has an off day once in a while;)


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Hi Hunny, I've not read your other post so I don't know what you mean...but anyways I'm sure you won't have offended anyone. I hope your ear feels better soon, you're doing really, really well by sticking to your points when you feel so bad with your ear etc.. it's enough to send most of us off the wagon, so super well done hun.

I would say you must ditch the scales. Did you get a new set?? Either way though, once a week is all you need, but I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know, you've said it yourself :D

Hope tomoro is a better day for you sweetie. Big Hugs x x x


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you've lost 21lb so far and thats nearly 10% of your original weight. Its health effects will start to become more apparent soon and the weight is bound to slow down. Mine has but as long as it comes off im not fussed. Also we all have bad weeks, i've had the crappiest weekend ever and i know a gain is coming but it doesnt matter. its only 1 week.


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dump the scales they are not your friend. If you hadn't looked and seen the 3lb loss then the "only" 1.5lb loss I bet you'd of been happy with that 1.5 off.


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I think I have read all your posts today and I've not been offended, but then again I'm not easily offended ;) As has been said we all get off days.

I have replied on other threads but just want to say again, be proud of what you have achieved, you've done so well and stop comparing your weight loss to others, we are all so different and will lose weight at different rates. Aim for 1lb a week then you will be pleased for anything more, but aiming too high can lead to you feeling demotivated if you dont achieve your targets.

Hope you feel more positive tomorrow be kind to yourself :)


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I think it's a good idea to hide the scales til Mon:)

Hope you feel better soon x
I think you are doing very well but we all feel we should lose more especially when others do.

Irene xx
Yes you are right I know I have messed my body up yoyoing VLCD for 4 years have messed me up and this week is emotions playing havock so I need to get through them and deal with them and not eat.
Thankyou xx


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My metabolism is the same. 20 years of dieting followed by a marriage break up, (best diet there is), but just stopped eating, and ran for miles to destress! I remember a friend taking me out for a meal, ordering a salad, getting a third of the way through it and bein stuffed. I worked out it was the 1st time I had sat down for a meal in 3 months. I ate so so little, but never got below 9 st 2 lb. It was a heakthy weight, but it was far from a healthy diet. Obviously just got an efficient system, and I wouldn't ahve expired in the famines. As soon as I started eating anything like healthy, the weight jkust piled n, and now it seems my metabolism is shot to bits, and eating goiod healthy food, even within points, isn't always enough to help me to lose weight. I do know how you feel when people follow the plan, even with the odd blip, and lose so much more than me. It;'s annoying and demoralising/. But not sticking to plan will mean hige gains, so I ahve no choice but to stick to it. Chin up hun!