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off the shelf instant syn free cheese sauce

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Nojo on the YoYo
Oooooooh free cheese sauce you say???!! Mac and cheese with HEX A feta and spinach here I come!!!!
OMG - I have this in the house already as my daughter is lactose intolerant ! Brilliant !

You'll find them both in Tesco in the allergy food section.

Now you just need to tell me that Alpro chocolate puddings are syn free and I'll be back to being dairy free in a heartbeat (did 6 months dairy free whilst feeding my daughter and lost 2st!)
Morrisons and tesco sell the free & easy range (im not talking about morrisons own) and as for the syns, i went on the calculator and checked it, but if you go to the link above, it gives you the nutricion information you need to calculate it yourself for you own peace of mind... :)

hmm definately worth trying on lasagne - might try that one myself tonight! :)
Hi, I have just been on the Tesco website and got the nutritional info for bother the cheese sauce and the vegetable gravy. I pu all this info into the syns calculator and it came out with the following frsults.

Cheese sauce - 1 1/2 syns per 100g reconstituted (made up)
Vegetable Gravy - 1 Syn per 100g reconstuited (made up)

The nutritional values given on the website is given as reconstituted. And i would expect to make more than a couple or portions out of a tub.

Can someone else please clarify this info, thanks
You'll easily get 10 portions out of a tub - from memory I think it's 3 tblsps of powder to half a pint of water or milk.

I've made macaroni cheese and lasange for my daughter before and it worked a treat.

Am making baked bean and bacon lasange with it next week for all of us.

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