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Extra Easy off the wagen

I need help!!fell off the slimming world wagon since Friday & skipped my weigh in yesterday.im ashamed of myself .any words of wisdom ????how do i climb back on the wagon ??(eating crackers as we speak!!!!)
I hope you're synning those crackers.

In all honesty, the worst thing you could have done was not go to weigh in. We all have weeks where we fall off the wagon (I've had a similar week this week), but the important thing is to go to class, weigh in and take as much support and motivation from the group as you can. By not going to group, you fall at the risk of staying, or becoming, even more demotivated.

Re-read your Food Optimising book, look at old food logs, check out other food diaries on here, etc etc etc. Skipping group is not going to change the fact that you've had a rubbish week..
I no-ur rite!!!!i just needed 2 hear it.im cracking up i missed the group.have just been reading some threads there-something bout a 777 diet??have u ever tried this? thanx 4 the reply xxx
Hi - hope you don't mind a little advice from me (not sure they are exactly words of wisom!!)

Before you go searching for other forms of slimming world diets e.g 777 (I don't know it fully - so cant really explain) may I be as bold to suggest you stick to the basics first?
I have lost almost 4 stone now following the red or green plan - others I have seen on here and at group lose the same and more following EE. The plans work, there is no need for success express/777 unless there is exceptional circumstances.

As well as the good advice on going back to basics given by Princess Stevie I would also suggest reminding yourself why you want to lose weight and ask if your weight loss is more important to you than those crackers you are eating!!!

There is no need to go hungry while food optimising - it's all about making the right choices.

Best wishes and good luck making those RIGHT choices! x x
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Ur so rite .i was eating crackers&wasn't even hungry.that's my problem .eating 4 no real reason .fair play 2 u on ur weight loss.i need 2 lose 3 stone.gonna take both u 2's advice &get back 2 basics.that's another problem i have -always looking 4 a quick fix .feel a lot better now.thanx guys
Yay, good thinking, you'll be back on track in no time x :)

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