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  1. leahcnnr

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    Hi ladies I lost almost 4 stone on TFR with still 1ish to go but my chemist wouldn't give me any more shakes cause I was so near normal BMI. I got the maintenance products and did ok for a while but I feel my whole habits creeping back. I'm already afraid to get on the scales but I know I've prob gained half a stone at least. How do I get my mojo back before its too late? To complicate things I'm a bit afraid to restart TFR because I'm experiencing substantial hair loss.
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  3. Hi there just wondered as you have already completed tfp if u could give me some advice. I started just over a wk ago on tfr and due to unforseen circumstances and also not in it mind wise 100 percent. Was thinking swapping to maintence although i have only 3 stone to lose until i get to proper weight for my height would it take a really long time to lose this as i am unsure how much weight u can lose a wk with taking 2 shakes and a healthy meal a day?
  4. leahcnnr

    leahcnnr Silver Member

    I know on the refeed week people can often lose up to 5lbs. There are other vlcd available on line that permit an evening meal and have a great variety of flavours, you should look at slim and save. Hope that helps :)
  5. Will have a look thank you very much its really appreciated. As i say i dont think 3 stone is a massive amount to lose and it wont bother me during the day having shakes but would like a proper healthy meal at night.
  6. leahcnnr

    leahcnnr Silver Member

    Lots of the lipotrimmers are talking bout slim and save- its cheaper too :)
  7. JanD

    JanD maintaining since June'09

    Hiya :)
    Well done you on how you've done so far ... Brilliant!!
    You can have good losses with 2 meal replacements and a healthy meal, have a look at Exante which you can get online. There's good advice on their website, you don't have to go to the chemist but you do have to be sensible about it obviously. I'm not sure about price comparison though.
    Re slim and save, I haven't tried any of their products except for the bars which I sent for as they really are a lot cheaper than others on the face of it ... However they are TINY!!! :( ... OK as a snack but lousy as a meal replacement IMHO.

    Best if luck whatever you decide xx

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