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off to drs


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for my 3rd app (6 weeks) eeek
i hope its going to be ok....
and im sooo cold that im wearing more layers than what i was last time i went, but dont want to freeze my big bum off when i go in there.. (athough that might actually be a good thing)

wish me luck!
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Fingers crossed!

And yes it's baltic!! (as we say in NI).


somebody shrink me
How did you get on??


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right. got on good. thanks everyone
he is very happy.
and i lost another 2kg. so he is happy with that. and thats what he is expecting from me. and as long as ive lost 5% of my weight by the 2-3 month stage then he is happy and i will continue.

ive now gone over to having my weigh ins count from the Dr's (rather than my horrid ones at home)
so my next weigh in is in 3 weeks time eeeeeekkkk... hope it goes ok!
blood pressure is all good too. which he is happy about!!



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sorry didnt see the bit about my grandad.
he is doing well, he had an operation to clear his arteries.
that went well and he was sent home
he is having an off day then good day then off day again, over the last few days,
but seems to pick up again afterwads, so its just a waiting game
and when my mum gets home i will be able to talk to her more, as she is at my grandparents house at the moment.

thanks everyone for caring about me!!!
2.2lb to a kg
congrats kes :p xx


gunna be a fatty for ever
well done kes! you r getin on like a gouse on fire! heheh your doing fab! bet u r lookin great now hun!

hope u had a good weekend and glad to hear your GD's op went well bless him

kae!!! Get inside the challenge thread girly !!! :p x


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Thanks everyone....
told the Gp about this site too and how much of an inspiration it is. and he was going to check it out!! LOL
oh no we gunna be watched :p.


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yeah probly... but im sure he would have forgottena ll aout it.....

how are you going Kiira????
im going good , got under 13 stone on my scales :p.. 41lbs to go to reach goal lol ... will do it i will i willl xx u ok?


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wow YAY!!!! id love for my scales to tell me im in the 12's!!!
when is your next dr's app???

things with my have been busy.. trying to catch up on everyones posts, and then ill do my diary... (not done it in over a week eeeeek)
might have to sit down over the weekend and do it!

YOU CAN DO IT AND YOU WILL DO IT!!! 41lb is nothing compared to what you have lost...
im so proud of you...!!!!

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