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Not Dukan, but have just read an interesting interview by John Nicholson, author of a new book called The Meat Fix.

It's all about how his 26 years as a vegan made him overweight and when he swapped to a diet of meat and animal fat (avoiding carbs and sugar) he lost weight, lost all IBS symptoms, had increased libido and fewer headaches. His quote is 'it felt like being young again, like coming back to life'.

Powerful stuff and definitely one for my reading list.

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You know what, for many years I ate "healthily" - wholegrains, fruit and veg, white meat, etc - and I managed to become severely overweight with raised cholesterol. I haven't read this book but I know for a fact my weight is more in control and I feel less hungry eating lots of salmon and beef.


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Its definately interesting. I found it amazing that proteins kept me full yet we are told carbs fill you up, that they are slow release energy foods. I have learnt more about the types of food following this diet than i did in twenty years of a half dozen different diets.

Meat glorious meat !!!!!


It's so true. I have done loads of different diets over the years and have finally found a diet where I am no longer hungry. I wish I'd found it sooner. x