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oh a**e!!! 4 days off plan!


Desperate to be slim!
Hey all,

Have had a bit of a rubbish week tbh, I left my class at school, and am now unemployed, which is really frightening, and I know it's no excuse, but I have only managed 1 day on plan since WI on Weds. :break_diet:

If I stick to plan tomorrow and Weds, and WI Weds eve, what do we think the damage might be?

That would mean having 4 days off plan (and I mean OFF plan: Meals out with pudding, 2 boxes of choccies, fish and chips, a doughnut, pizza, chocolate tart etc etc etc!) and 3 days on plan and full of speed food, plus am going swimming tomorrow and weds.

I would be so pleased if I put on only 2lbs, but what do we think the likelyhood is of that?
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Hi Emz - sorry to hear you are having a crappy week - have a free hug!

My weigh in is a Weds morning and I have got to Sunday night before now and panicked as I had been really really bad and I usually STS or 1lb gain - I think it was pure luck but you will have to be extra good next week if you do have a good weigh in as I tend to think bad weeks catch up on you the week after!

In the circumstances though it is totally understandable!

Hope you are ok x x

The Maid

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Minimise damage

Although not strictly a SW strategy, I tried the following after a couple of OTT syn days (meals out and loads of choc. & ice-cream) and lost 2lbs in 2 days in time for my weigh-in and kept the weight off afterwards by sticking to the Extra Easy plan. Closer to the Original/red plan - have porridge as a HE e.g. for breakfast or a snack; have 142g baked beans or a Jacket Potato for other HE but NOT for dinner, and lots of superfree salad veggies for dinner with a large portion of meat protein but absolutely no carbohydrate for dinner. For breakfast you can have meat or egg with the baked beans if you don't fancy porridge then lunch can be the jacket potato with tuna and salad or with ham and salad or vegetable soup and low syn crispbread (could use Finn Crisp as a HE instead of baked beans or jacket potato). Have superfree or superspeed foods for snacks. Reduce your syns to 5 or less for the day or days you do this too. I learnt from my postal Rosemary Conley club 20 years ago that you should never eat rice the night before a weigh in as it retains more water so giving an inaccurate heavier reading. I also think that doing the restricted red plan approach for just one or two days may kick start your metabolism after an overindulgence. What have you got to lose ,except weight, by trying this? Definitely, don't reduce your syn treats for longer than a day or two otherwise you will feel deprived and binge again and undo the good work you have begun and could set a pattern for yo-yo-ing.

Here endeth the lesson, best wishes for your weigh-in!:)


Desperate to be slim!
Thanks guys...

Tomorrows plan is Extra Easy, done properly:
Swim first thing, then eat an alpen light bar.
Melon, raspberries, passion fruit and FF nat yog for breakfast.
Fruit mid morning snack.
Bacon and a salad for lunch, with HEXA of cheese, followed by more fruit etc.
Another Alpen Light mid afternoon
Roast chicken for tea, with potatoes, carrot, parsnip, peas and mushrooms, with gravy (bisto: 1 syn I think as it is 2 level tsps made up with water only) followed by a mini milk (1.5 syns)

I will have similar on Tuesday as well, but with a different dinner. Lots of speed and superspeed in there.

Fingers crossed!!!


Getting fit for 30!
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Sorry to hear you're having a tough time :hug99:

You've been given some good advice I can't really add to, but what I would say is you can't beat yourself up for reacting to a bad situation. All you can do is throughout being on the SW plan is how to cope with stress and crap times without turning to food (thats why its a eating plan for life, not a diet), that being said if you've done it all your life it wont happen over night, it's just a learning curve.

Even the skinniest (healthy-wise) people in the world have "days off" its just how you cope afterwards. My consultant always used to say; "sometimes there more important things in life than worrying about what you're putting in your mouth"

So I send you good vibes and good luck.

Natt xxx
I've had a similar few days and am going to stick to red days until weigh in on Thursday evening. Wasn't going to bother getting weighed as know it is a gain, but will go :-( and hopefully it will put me off 'falling off the wagon again'. Good luck to all who had a naughty Bank Holiday weekend and fingers crossed for weigh-ins.


Getting fit for 30!
S: 25st5lb C: 25st5lb G: 11st1lb BMI: 54 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
don't stress about it too much hun, we all slip up - wouldn't be human if we didn't :) the more you keep your body confused the more weight it will loose, e.g. if you swap days (monday - red, tuesday - green etc.) then your body wont know whats going on and will shed pounds :)


Desperate to be slim!
Thanks for all the advice and support guys. It's weird, but for the first time since January I just cannot be bothered with it. I've done it properly today though, but I don't feel as bothered as I used to.

Fingers crossed after WI tomorrow I'll be better again!!!


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Hi emmz i too had a really rubbish week and fell off it big stylie lol had takaways fish n chips chocolate ect ect. BUT..... i was supprized yesterday at wi as id only gained 1/2 lb and it was totm so fingers crossed and toes hun. im sure it wont be as bad as u think :gen126:

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