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Oh dear! Has anyone else ever...

Yes, yes, yes. I so understand bulimia!!! The times I've eaten loads and before it's hit my tumy, it's 'why did I do that!!' I just did it with the kids leftover pizza. Hand to mouth without thinking, then 'Oh Bums!!!''', and spat it out in the bin!! But then I really do need therapy. LOL

I did that!! I grated some cheese. Some for my omelette, some for kids packed lunch the next day. I weighed my bit out, and stood and at the rest whilst cooking the omnelette. It was only when I actually looked for the cheese to make the sandwiches I even clocked what I had done. It just shows though. I thought I was eating healthy and gaining weight, but it's thoise habits, you don't notice that makes the difference!!



I want to be fitter again
Actually this thread could be one of two things....

Eternity are you absent mindedly eating something then remembering you shouldnt be and spitting it out or are you as Jester says chewing and spitting (something completely different) I took it as absent mindness
yeah me too starlight. Last week a box of chocolates went around the office and I thought sod it why not. So i took one and chewed but it wasn't as delcious as i hoped. Normally I would have just swallowed it and thought nothing more but that day I thought UGH ruin my diet with something that tastes bad no way... and in the bin it went
I have done that with sweets (like toffees - my fave...) I put it in, then after a few seconds think "really, you realy want this over something nicer later?!?!" and then spit it out - dont it before loads of times!!
Definitely absent mindedly!
I've never made myself sick either, sorry to worry you, and thanks for caring xxx Big kisses to everyone.
I wish I could spit it out, but I have never done that, I think I need therapy.
I have done it in the past!! Now, I make sure that I am more aware of what Im doing....things like Daughter's left overs - the idea of eating something that may have been chewed already by someone else churns my stomach, so no problem there!
Similarly if my Daughter and I make cakes...I know where her hands have been and there is no way that I am tempted to eat the cakes afterwards! Lol...ok....Im signing up for therapy now!

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