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Oh Dear Lord - it's a miracle!!

Hope that was virtual wine, H!

Poppy, well done hun, you are doing so so well on LL, it seems to just "suit" you as it does me (like you said on another thread, about finding it easy, knowing you won't lapse, and so forth)

I had a similar thing yesterday, went and bought a few new pairs of jeans in a 38" and one pair in 36" to "slim into", and the 36's only fit. Snug, but fit.

It's a great feeling to keep moving down sizes, so enjoy it!
You deserve it!

Thanks all!!!

Pete, I agree - I swear you are my brother from another mother!! LOL! You experience and even weight loss amounts are SO similar to mine it's unbelievable!

It's only sinking in that I can fit into a size 12! Other people are size 12, not me! That, I have to get straight in my head, but I'm on such a high, especially as I looked at them when I got them and said that they were tiny and wouldn't fit me yet!! Ergo, I must be tiny! ;-)
I know what you mean!
I picked up a few tshirts when shopping too in a large, looking at myself holding them up I thought "no way these are gona fit me yet", and yet when I put them on, bang! perfect fit.

I guess this is the whole "head not catching up with the body" thing, not being able to recognise how much smaller you truely are.

It's all good though - every time you put those 12's on you can get the same rush again :D


Making it all add up
You go ergo away.

You are what you are, believe it!!


Is back in the saddle!
WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!! How fab is that! And yes 12 is tiny! :bliss:

Can't see me getting there though.:eek:
Thanks you lot!! I have to say that I'm still flying high tonight! It's been one of those fabulous days on LL! I actually took some photos before and changed my siggie pic, but I could look at the photos and not think that I looked fat in them - that is a total, total revelation! I wish I could bottle this feeling and pass it all out to you! (Even though most of you know what it's like anyway!)
Thats fantastic hun I'm so pleased for you :D

Emma, first bottle is totally yours!! ;-) Hope you are feeling a little better honey!
Oh and you look fantastic in your new pic hun :) xXx
thats great poppy, i can imagine how good you are feeling about yourself!!!! well done
daisy x

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