oh dear starting to get hungry :(


6 stone to lose!


6 stone to lose!
i know becky but looking at a bit of bread its going eeeeat me lol this is torture lol forgot how bad i was the first three days of lighterlife think im worse on cd cos i know what to expect until i hit ketosis!!! *prays to ketosis angel to come early*


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dont give up keep going you can do it x


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dont give up hun, believe me its not worth it and ya will regret it soo much. Unfortunately the mind plays tricks on us so just keep thinking yourself slim. If it helps print out a picture of yourself and stick on your kitchen fridge, i have done this and so far its working great!! Keep thinking of your weigh in, its not long away now.


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How are you doing Jodie,sure you will be fine hun.....(this is a view of a smoker and only my opinion)but for goodness sake if you need them get some ciggies..no wonder you feel so pants!!when i am at goal that is my next challenge give up smoking!!


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hope you cracked it hon. you've been waiting for this for weeks!! so don't fall at the first hurdle. you can do it!! get a bit active to kick ketosis in quicker, but not too active or you'll keel over, ha. go for a walk or something :)

abz xx