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Oh dear.

I came home from test driving my new car and as soon as I came through the door a sicky feeling met me and I haven't felt that sick for years :( I sat over the toilet feeling awful and even got my boyfriend to stroke my back to make me sick to just get it over with but it wouldn't come out so I walked back feeling the same and lied in bed. I had already had my hebs for the day but my boyfriend said it could be wind so got me a piece of bread and a glass of water and that made me feel better and then there were caramel chocolate digestives on his window cill and in the moment of feeling like I was going to vomit everywhere I thought sod it and ate one and it made me feel better.

Six biscuits down I feel 100% better (thank goodness) so it must of been wind like he said .. or that I was in need of food. I was upto 5syns today and have a free tea and super planned but I am guessing that is quite some damage :(

I give credit to anyone who has been sick recently and kept to plan as I am clearly not one who can!!! Good job I am hardly ever ill.
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Slow but sure....
Could you be pregnant do you think? as you are not usually ill.....maybe you should do a test just to be sure.

Don't worry about the biscuits etc now, just get back on track tomorrow and forget it.

I hope you are feeling better now, take care. X
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my first thought was pregant too :eek: hope you feel better soon! xx


I want to be fitter again
I was wondering if your blood sugar was low. As for the biscuits . . no one wants to feel ill and they made you feel better quickly. tomorrow is a new day xx
Ohh god - I blummin' hope not. I am 21 and about to go into my last year of teacher training - worst timing ever! But I am quite sure that I can't be as I am on the pill and have just had my *star week :) Hopefully low blood sugar/wind.


Wanting Is The Key
well lass it was an experience, hopefully one u wont ever feel again. Hope ur better now n good luck re the teaching

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