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Oh do I neeeeeed some help!


is a naughty girl...
Ok I am going out on a date tonight, all well with that. I am quite looking forward to it. However we were meant to be going for a drink and now he has asked if I want to have dinner too....what do I say? Do I go an eat? Do I make up an excuse? I still want to go and it is too early to be telling him about CD! Help please :cry:
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How about suggesting a place yourself for dinner, and having a chicken salad. Nando's is very good - they serve chicken, with mixed veggies. You can easily eat the greens and tell him you don't like the rest! Hugs x x x


Going for Goal!
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Id go for either of these 2 - Teriyaki Swordfish + Asian Noodles + Oriental Greens + Pineapple + Coriander Salsa 13.95 (you can always leave the noodles and salsa) OR Spit Chicken + Cacciatora + Frites 11.95 (Leaving the fries - danger zone!) Not sure what cacciatora is, googled it and it's a tomato based sauce, usually served seperately.
Oh what a dilemma...good luck for your date tonight ;) i am sure if you ask them they will just do you some roast chicken and greens :) no sauces..then that will be ss+ and you won't be diverting from the diet!!


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Ooh, how exciting!

We have a pub with the same menu locally and I've gone for the spit roast chicken with a side of green salad and just left the frites - simples!

Have a fab evening!


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You could always order the chicken and when you place the order just ask if they can leave out the frites? If he asks why, just say you dont like them or dont fancy them. Have a fab date :D


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Just be upfront and tell him you are healthy eating as you wanna look fab in your LBD for christmas. I am sure he will admire your willpower, strength is a very attractive thing to have.

Enjoy and let us know how it went xx


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As long as you stick to the chicken and non-carb stuff you should be OK. Have a fabulous time :)
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im quite excited to hear how you get on!! make sure you keep us updated as were all waiting! he he! :) xx


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hope your having a great night, xx


is a naughty girl...
So just an *update* date went VERY VERY well! I didnt get in till nearly 12 and feeling it today. Why did I have to get up for work?! Although I didnt get a kiss at the end, he did ask me

him:Should I ask you out again megan?
Me:try it and find out
Him: ok I will (got in his car)

However he did text me before I got in telling me how lovely it was :D

Is that enough info for you?!

Jim: I am not that type of girl ;)
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Glad it went well, oh I used to hate dates, the worst one I ever had was at Chester zoo. Reckon part of the reason it worked with Mr T was because we met at a bbq and got the nitty gritty over not that many hours later,so then when we met up I wasn't ultra nervous waiting for 'IT' to happen etc. However looking back perhaps he would have put more effort into wooing me if I had had more morals. x

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