Oh God What have I done.....


Starting again...
I had a BIG arguement with my husband last night Over anything he could think of , money kids mortgage you name it he bought it up,
this resulted in me hitting a all time LOW and bingeing.

I ate chicken salad , lemon ade, choclate m&m's , battered nuggerts, left over kebab :eek: And now I weigh 2lb more:(

Oh god, why did I do that, its like my body takes over my head and i cant stop, Im a big emotional eater and hubby is the one that always makes me fail !!

I think I need a divorce! ;) Or maybe he needs to learn not to take everything which goes wrong for him out on me!!!

HELP I need words of wisdom to get me out of this hole!
Put a bracket around the day or draw a physical line through it (on a calendar or diary), and start again. One bad day does not need to mean it is going to be a bad week. You can turn it around by making it yesterday and not today.

Drink tonnes of water and keep occupied you will slip back into ketosis easily.

Also remember the scales go up and down constantly - I put on 5lbs at one point yesterday, went for a wee and it all came off again (and I don't believe I had 5lbs worth of water either I think the scales talk rubbish!!).

I am a huge emotional eater and have battled this constantly, it is not easy and you have my full sympathy and support.

Good luck and keep occupied.
Oh sweetie - I really feel for you on this one!!! I've been there and it's just horrific to have someone else have so much control over your emotions/overeating!!

I agree with Flopster's brill advice - would it also be possible to sit down with your OH calmly to discuss how you feel when he has a go at you?

My ex husband would never take responsibility for his unpleasant behaviour and therefore could never change his reactions to me - which is why he is now my ex!!

I hope you have a peaceful and serene day, darling - get back on the SS wagon and you will feel a million times better!

Let us know how you are or else I will worry about you all day! (You've hit a nerve with me this morning!!!)

lots of love
Hi 5stl
Please don't despair: I know exactly where you're coming from ... I had a row with hubby last week and ended up eating a pot of sesame toasts. Now, that doesn't sound like a huge binge (and it wasn't really) but it was my first 'cheat' in over 5 months of SSing and it was the REASON I ate them that pi**ed me off.

Anyway, for the short term, all you can do is accept 'what is done is done' ... there is absolutely nothing you can do to change that. So just draw a line under it and move forwards. So you've gained 2lb - in the big scheme of things, the worst that can do is extend your diet by a week: not the end of the world eh?

Longer term, you have to make contingency plans for if you get into that situation again. You know you're an emotional eater so the likelihood is that you'll have to deal with this again in the future.

Perhaps there is someone who can advise better than me on HOW to overcome this because after my sesame toast incident, I'm hardly the one who should be dishing out advice on the subject! :)

And remember, even skinny people can be emotional eaters ... how many times have we seen films where thin people sit crying because of some man, digging their way through a tub of ice-cream with a big spoon? But because we're overweight, we seem to think we're the only people in the world who do it: we're not - we're pretty normal!!
It's what we do AFTER we've eaten emotionally that's different .... the skinny person will just eat normally the next day, the mini-binge forgotten, whilst we internalise it, beat ourselves up and eat even more!!

Put it behind you 5stl .... you're doing great so just move on and complete your journey.
Sending you a big hug!!
Oh hun, I know what you mean. As the others have said try and draw a line under yesterday. I ate some food yesterday and woke up feeling really useless so I know how you feel.

Go get yourself some water and start drinking. You can do this - one day is not the end and we will all support you on here.

Good luck today hun.
I just want to second what everyone else has said, but also send you a BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

Emotional Eating is the worst! We feel bad when whilst we are doing it and even worse after yet we don't stop ourselves.

You have done so well, when is your next weigh in?
Drink loads, maybe do a bit of extra walking before, you never know it might not even make a difference.

I had a bad day a few weeks ago and my scales went up by 3 pounds, when it came to weigh in I had lost 3 pounds.

Whatever happens, drink your water and next week it will make up for it I am sure.

Chin up and keep going one day doesn't ruin everything you have done and you have done so well.
Ahh 5stones

You've had some great advice already. Just get back on the wagon and hold on for dear life :p the danger comes when one day turns into another and then another...:eek:

Today's a new day hun, forget about yesterday, use it as a learning curve. Don't let hubby or anyone else get in the way of you losing that 5 stones:D

Chin up girlie :)
Hi 5

Yep i agree with the excellent advice you've already had.

2lbs gain is nothing, it's just glycogen (not fat) and it will be gone overnight probably.

I binged for Wales on Sunday and put on 5lbs overnight, in 24 hours i've already lost 3lbs of it.

Sooo don't dwell on it but learn from it - don't react to him or anything else like this again - you're hurting yourself not him! Put his picture on a dart board or summink!! lol