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oh i carnt do it { contains food)

hi all well i tried to start again after 3months i started in june and lost 18lbs but 1 day i just ate and ate. since july i have been trying to get back.

i havnt got any support from my partner as he ses ive been trying to get back on the wagon for ages!!!

but the first day i was ok until today i went to town and went past millies cookies and couldnt resist the temptation so i got 5 gave 1 to my son and ate the rest :mad::(:ashamed0005: the had a chicken curry and a full packet of biscuits.

i feel really ashamed and think ill never be able to do it, my family is always saying to lose weight but dont know how hard it is to do it.

my partner did the same diet and lost 3 stones, so he always ses it depend on the person.#

i really need help ive been down since he went to work and been crying.

i didnt tell me partner about what ive ate as he would just laugh.

has any1 got any suggestions

please help thanks
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oh im so sorry u havent got the support u need. this is a very difficult diet and i find it hard work a lot of the time. have u considered maybe doin a higher plan? a lady who goes 2 the same cdc as me does the plan where u have the packs and a meal at night ... she has chicken or fish or cottage cheese... plus veg or salad... now she said that some days she just does ss and some ss + a meal.. depends how she feels ... she said she never feels she has 2 break the diet cos that option 4 the meal is always there..she has lost over 3 and a half stone in just over 4 months which i think is dam good goin ... only other way if u really wanna ss as try 2 bit the bullet and go 4 it !!! the 1st 4 days i would say is the crucial part of the diet and the hardest once ya past that it gets easier... come on here often 4 support and try 2 take your mind off food ..have a bath/shower ..wax ya legs:eek: ouch...paint ya nails paint ya other halves nails ..anything ... good luck hun xx
You can do it!!!!!!!!!

I tell you, I know exactly how you feel!

I am trying a second time, after putting a stone and a half on in a month. (I have PCOS, so I put on weight really easily).

I feel like I really need support, but at the end of the day only you can do the diet! Its all about being in the right frame of mind-its just whether you decide to wait till it comes naturally or not!

I think we should work together to do it!!

We can do anything we put our mind to! The best quote I have ever heard is- If you say you can or you can't you're right!

Hi loselose :)

I can't give you any advice or help here as i'm exactly the same as you. The amount of times i go back to Cambridge but fail, has become a joke!!

My hubby has just been up from London for a week and is now on his way back down. During his week here we had every take out going (sadly i enjoyed every bit,lol!) I know i must be close to 14/7 as i sure do feel it! I was 12/5 in July :(

I'm going to retry tomorrow so if your around maybe we can help each other :) I know the trick is to keep busy.... but on a Sunday? :(

Ok, sit up, plan each day as one ends so we don't start the day off not knowing what we're doing therefore we end up in the fridge or cupboards !!!!

Good luck loselose :) x x
please keep going. i nearly toppled on day 3 but day 4 was great and i have not been hungry since. i am now into week 3. JUST DO IT!


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Can I just say that if I can do this, anyone can. I have been significantly overweight for most of my adult life, putting on about half a stone each year. 19 days ago I was the same weight as I was 22 years ago when 9 months pregnant with my daughter! Enough was enough and I just decided to go for it.

I am currently SS - i don't want to add food if I don't have to - wouldn't offer an alcoholic 2 vodkas a day would you - and I'm the same with food. It's all or nothing.

If you can just get through the first 3 days I am sure you will feel much better. Once ketosis kicks in you will not feel hungry at all. My advice is water, water and more water. Lots of times you feel hungry, but you are really only thirsty and the water really helps you stick to the diet, increases weightloss and not only that improves your skin tremendously.

I want to lose 3 stone as my first goal. I have been SSing for 12 days now and have lost 14 lbs (that's my first stone gone).

Clear the house of anything even remotely tempting and if you must have something to eat - make a muffin with your shake mix - toffee & walnut makes the best flavour and it gives you something to savour and chew. My third shake of the day is always a muffin with a black coffee + sweetener.

Hope you can find your motivation and once you get your first week cracked and see the huge weightloss - you will be able to keep on with it I am sure.

tis a blooming hard diet to follow and if your anything like me you can convince yourself of allsorts to stop doing it etc. I'm on day 2 restart - I find weekends really hard and have buckled both times during this period but WE CAN AND WE WILL DO IT!!!
I fancy joining a team so maybe us newbies could join one to keep us inspired and motivated?
Hi i am exactly in this boat - I did LL about 2 yrs ago and lost lots. manageed to put a lot back on. Ive put on 2 stone in a year and since i met my partner and i thinks hes fed up with my weight.

I just cant seem to say no to food.
I think Sue 121 and Tracey and everyone has said it all we are a great resource so lets keep posting and supporting each other, I'm game on.
hi girls i really no how you feel every week i say im starting to day now its monday and had my first shake i have to stick to it as im sure this yoyyo ing is not good as i have tried about 3 times since july and failed everytime i initally lost 21 ibs in 2 months so that was good noe i weigh 14stone and hope to loose at least 3 stone by xmas any buddys out there would like the support thanks im in leicester
I am in the same boat i think i am on my forth attempt and have started again today.So if anyone wants a buddy i am here, for i need help lol



Getting there slowly ...
I am exactly like you all - lost a lot last year and put - not quite all but nearly all - back on. Started 9th September (this is my umpteenth attempt at re-start) and have lost 29lb in the last five weeks - my next weigh in is tomorrow.

All I can say is that the advise on here is brilliant and it really does work - certainly keeps me motivated - I am spending ages online reading the diaries and various useful threads. I have also found the answers to all sorts of questions regarding subjects like Ketosis which were simply words to me before.

My ticker shows my first goal, which is getting back to where I was last time . Ideally, I still have a bit more to lose - about another 18 - 23lb
restart queen

I am the restart queen - i have never lasted longer than a few days on cd, but i made up my mind this time would be the LAST time i would do this, and i am now on day 3, and so far so good. Have you seen the other cd forum, its really good, its just about cambridge diet, lots of very nice friendly people on there, just google cambridge diet, go to the official cambridgediet.com website, and look for the forum link. it really is great x
You know the old saying Never Give Up. Babies don't learn to walk first try, they fall and then get up and try again! ;0)
i was just thinking that to refresh! i've pigged out then started then pigged out then re started. everytime i say to my partner i promise i'll stick to it this time. he just thinks i'm chucking good money away. it's not that he minds me spending £40 or whatever a week, it's just the fact that i don't stick to it. and yes i keep getting the down periods where i just sit and cry casuse i'm fat and wanna loose. then wanna kick myself cause if i'd got my act together and stopped messing about i'd of got me weight off. oooo rant rant rant :) anyway i'm going to pick my little on up at least i've killed a bit of time on here and not in the kitchen cupboard ( i know the dou nuts are calling me).
good luck everyone and i'll check in later to see how everyone is doing.
I find the evenings the hardest. I can go through the day without thinking about food at all, have my shakes all bunched up from 3pm onwards to stave off the hunger, but evenings... All I think about is food, it is almost as if I am in some kind of hypnosis. I go to the kitchen and the entire day's good work is gone in a flash. I hate myself from doing this every day, and while I shower I swear I will be good tomorrow. Next day I start of good, then comes evening and the whole story repeats itself. Last night my husband caught me eating a biscuit. I was actually hiding it in my sleeve, that's how bad things got.
I came across this forum today, spent several hours reading all the posts, then got so angry about the whole pallaver.
Blast blast blast! I did it before so that means I can do it again! I lost 4 st last time, surely I can loose these 2 that I put on in the meantime.
I am so angry at wasting my own time, money and self-respect. I am my worst enemy. I think I actually do this deliberately, it is almost as if I enjoy torturing myself.
I am fed up with trying to cover up. Fed up with not wanting to shop for clothes because everything I can get into is awful awful awful. I dress like I am a granny. I can use my skirt to cover up my car in winter. Aaaaaggghhhh
What a nice feeling to be able to get into size 12 comfortably! What a thrill to (only once) squeeze into size 10 skirt! What a bliss to enjoy looking at my own photos! What a waste of time it is to be eating, feeling awful about it, not even enjoying food as I am usually stuffing it in my mouth so that hubby doesn't see me...
I am going to make it! I am so determined and angry that it will give me the push I need to make it work.
I will continue to read posts and probably bore you all to death with my posts, whatever it takes for me to stick with it.
I have a month to xmas, and a lot of time until summer.
My goal is to get into my old clothes and be able to walk around the beach in my bikini without wanting to die.
Good luck to everyone, keep posting, keep ranting, but stay focused!!!

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