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Oh I give up!


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Keep your chin up hun, its probably just a bit of water retention, and your body settling down to the new regime. Stick with it and you will be fine x x x


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Drink more water, your body can only retain it for so long, it will come off and the scales will go down. Stick with it, the losses are worth it and summer is coming.


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Hey Stush,

I know eaxctly how you feel. My scales hadn't moved until this morning.....when I gained 1/2lb as well!!!!

I think I know why that is though....I haven't been to the toilet to erhm...you know....since sunday :eek:

Make sure you drink plnety of water and I am sure by the time your WI comes you would have lost several pounds.

Chin up, remember why you're doing this!!!



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Hey Stush... its annoying when the scales aren't going the way you want them to go... but don't give up!! Seriously, there's no way you can gain 'proper' weight, like the others say it has to be water retention, for whatever reason. If you don't have a good WI result this week... you're hard work is bound to pay off extra well at your next WI. Keep going, these things are sent to test us! Don't give in!


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I have to agree with everyone else, you cannot gain weight if you are sticking to the plan. The best thing to do is to stop weighing yourself so often as you will vary throughout the course of the day and that can be scary.

You're not having more than 1 bar a day are you? Could you be constipated? They are the only other reasons apart from TOTM and water retention that I can think of that might cause you to gain weight.

It might be worth adding fibre just to make sure that you're not getting 'bunged up' as my mother delicately puts it :D other than that, have faith, keep drinking the water and you will lose weight.

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