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Don't you sometimes feel you could drown yourself with the amount of water.....

Day 5 - getting used to the water consumption again as I've been on CD and LL before but you forget. I'm normally pretty good and only drink hot and cold water normally anyway so don't miss the caffeine but it's the quantity.

Everyone's doing great and it's so lovely to read the messages - I'm sure at one stage or another we all have the same hurdles and it's nice to share experiences.

Big weigh-in on Thursday evening. Have to take my son with me so he normally jumps on the scales as well - seperately I add.....
I started off really well last week but am struggling with it this week. I don't like flavours in my water - I just don't fancy drinking at all. I am determined to do 3 litres by bedtime!

I had my 1st weight in today and lost 6.5lb. I was really pleased with it! Good luck for yours.
Good luck with your 3 litres Sarah and well done with your weightloss....

I'll be more than happy with that this week.

Have a good week.
Soooooooo much water....

What shall I do today? .... well I think I'll have a glass of water!

Do something different lol... er....

I am a mean lean (ish) water drinking machine

I find the water thing hard. My average is 3 litres per day. Have tried drinking it cold, straight from the tap, warm, flavoured. You name it but I still manage about 3 litres!!!

Keep at it though. I love the saying the more you drink the more you shrink!!!
the more you drink the more you shrink!!!

Love that quote and so true! I have upped to 5 ltrs per day this week so lets see what the scales say on Sunday!!!
Hi Hannah, I had a tough time too on day 5. I seem to have a water bottle permently attached to my hand! It was worth it though - good result at my first weigh-in. I'm day 8 now and feel a lot better. Keep smiling!

DD x