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  1. brochmor

    brochmor food is not my friend!

    Has anyone ever looked at the calories in wetherspoons food?? I have no idea how they get beans on toast to be 529 cals?!? or just a bowl of chips to be over 700?! What on earth are they doing to it?? I found 3 things on the menu that I like (fussy eater =P) That I could have for under 500cals and one of them is a deli wrap and the other two are main courses but I would have to swap chips for a side salad. It completely shocked me to see that most meals are half or more of your RDA. xxx

    Quality Food, Great Value | Food Menu | J D Wetherspoon
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  3. Deezer

    Deezer Gold Member

    Ooooh thats a bit scary!!! : (

    *Note to self.... give weatherspoons a swerve!!!

    On that Fat Families the other week it was saying that 1 portion of chips from the chippy (Nothing on it!!! JUST THE CHIPS!!!) is about 1000 cals!!!!!!
  4. brochmor

    brochmor food is not my friend!

    Yeah but you kind of expect the chips from the chippy to be unhealthy, have you seen how greasy the paper gets! lol, but wetherspoons are frozen chips, I used to have sausage chips and beans there, and to be honest I always thought it was better than having fast food, but I looked at the mcdonalds website, There are absolutely loads of things i could have there that would be 'healthier' than the 900- odd cals i was eating in wetherspoons!! xxx
  5. izzysmum

    izzysmum Full Member

    Note to self - save your money and your calorie allowance and don't eat at Wetherspoons!!

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