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Oh my god the worst has happened!

I'm terrible for weighing myself ever morning (I find it actually helps me). It's part of my every day diet routine, get up, go to the loo, weigh myself, have my first pack etc.
I got up this morning and went to the bathroom, went to the loo, got the scale out, pressed the button...pressed the button...pressed the button...NOTHING! Changed the battery and pressed the button again...NOTHING!
Oh my god what am I going to do! Anyone recommend what new make of scales I should get to replace them, I just can't do this without knowing what's going on with my weight day to day?
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lots of people like the WW ones!I have a pair of Stater digital which are fine and seem constant
OMG!!!!! A life without scales is totally unimaginable!!!!! Not sure what to recommend but I have the Tanita electronic ones that do the body fat thing too and they have always been pretty accurate. Hope you get some soon though, it would drive me mental not having any! xx


has started again!!
I needed new scales too, but then DH bought me a WiiFit so I use that as a measure!! My CDC doesnt weigh me, so I rely quite heavily on the equipment I have at home.

I will be interested to see what recommendations you get, as my old digital scales vary with the wind it seems, I can jump on, off and on again and have gained 10lb!!!


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Oh bless you, i feel your pain! I catually weigh pre and post wee, I like to know how much my wee weighs, this morning there was a 2 pound difference!


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i love my weightwatchers scales. they measure weight, fat, BMI and fluid.
not cheap but well worth every penny for scales u really trust :D

Jue xx

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[quote=RuthG;680165]Oh bless you, i feel your pain! I actually weigh pre and post wee, I like to know how much my wee weighs, this morning there was a 2 pound difference![/quote]

LOL! Glad it's not just me who does that!

kellymundy, my heart goes out to you, you poor, poor thing! I couldn't live without mine. My scales are Salter digital ones and they're pretty accurate - at least, they weigh the same as my CD's scales so I trust them. They weren't particularly expensive ones.

Get off to Argos immediately!:D

I'm looking through ebay at the moment and seeing what they've got. I know it'll take a few days to have them delivered but they are so much cheaper than anywhere else.
Looks like my weigh in this Thursday will be a suprise!


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mine are salter digital ones too - seem pretty accurate.

just think when you go Thursday and have lost loads what a fab surprise that will be :)


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Theres some that measure fat, water, bone density and muscle mass on offer in my latest Avon book for £20, I'm thinking of getting a set
I would be lost without my scales too so I feel your pain, unfortunately I am having a sticky scales week this week :( but I'm not too down about it, its the first time since starting that I've had more than one day with sticky scales so I've been quite lucky and I know it will come good soon :)

Oh bless you, i feel your pain! I catually weigh pre and post wee, I like to know how much my wee weighs, this morning there was a 2 pound difference!
LOL that must have been some pee :) I dont bother doing it any more, I dont see a difference before and after and one time I was heavier so I gave up, I just weight after the pee :)


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If I don't weigh, I know it's because I have been eating secretly and can't face up to it. I would be rushing out and buying some to keep me on track!
My husband has just confessed that he didn't close the shower curtain properly this morning and the scales bore the brunt. We lost the cover for the battery compartment 18 months ago when we moved house so of course the water got into that bit of the scales! Don't you just hate how men just don't care about what mess they make, then they expect us to clear everything up for them and forgive them as soon as they say sorry!
AAAAAARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH! (sorry had to vent!!!)


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they are in the sale leaflet that came with the brochure. It says Campaign 10 2008 and they're on page 19.
Oh I dont think I could wait for an Avon delivery if I had no scales, I be out to the shops pronto :)

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