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Oh My God!

Well I started my journey in October needing to lose just under 9 stone to be "my ideal weight!" Well I really can't see that ever happening so decided to aim for 4stone 5lbs to get my bmi down to a level that we would be able to obtain fertility treatment at. So it's a good goal with a worthwhile aim to keep me focussed.
So 5 months later and I've lost 2st 5lbs but haven't really been following things or concentrating on it since Christmas. I've had 3 gains since I started 1/2lb at Christmas, 1/2lb 3 weeks ago and 2 1/2lbs last week. I'm not sure on the 2 1/lb gain last week as didn't do anything wrong and did follow it well however apparently had a 3lb loss the week before which I also didn't believe as my scales said no loss and certainly hadn't felt that I'd lost anything. So onwards and upwards to my next weigh in on tuesday.
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Hi Becs, Good that you recognise your failings but try not to dwell on them as the anxiety is a real bummer to stopping the weight from coming off. Also, the fact that you have been yoyoing for a few months will set the body into a retaining mode and it will take a few weeks to get things to start shifting.

Hope things will now continue in a more positive way for you....:)

Onwards and Downwards!! YAY!!
Well another weigh in tonight and another crappy week. I've been really good this week with the exception of a meal out on saturday night. I stayed the same this week. I guess it's better than last weeks gain but it's beginning to annoy me. I'm going to try and mix things up a bit this week and try some red and green days as have been doing EE. It's going to be more difficult as away at my parents for the weekend and we're going to a very lovely restaurant in Edinburgh for lunch on monday for my dad's birthday. Still good start to the week as Hubby (who gained 2lbs) came out and went to the fish and chip shop for dinner but I was good and stuck to my spag bol so feeling quite virtuous!


Hippety Hop!
OOH! Really feel for you!

As I said before, took me at least a month before I began to get results so try to be patient and keep going, it WILL come off, even tho' you may feel otherwise at the mo'.

Really annoying when the OH goes and gets fish and chips! Well done you tho' for keeping to the straight and narrow...:D

All the very best to you...:)
Thanks, I think it's frustrating because it had been working but the past few weeks have just been rubbish. I've decided to try and shake things up a bit and go for green and red days this week rather than ee-think it will also make me think harder about it as well rather than doing the same thing without thinking. EE really is extra easy but think sometimes it's easy to get back into a rut of same old same old. So red and green here I come!
Well stuck with it and despite a weekend away in Scotland and the most amazing, beautiful, fantastic meal out yesterday I lost 4lbs! So very pleased that things are on the move again! Long may it continue!


Plodding on.......
WOW. Well done Becs. That's a fantastic loss particularly on a week when you were out yesterday. I hope that gives you a great boost and motivation for the coming week. Fingers crossed for another 4lb off !!!

Gail x
Well another stay the same week! Disappointing but need to remember 4lbs off last week was a lot so I don't mind if my pattern were to become 4lbs off 1 week then stay the same followed by another 4lbs off again! (I can dream!) Because I've not been having consistent losses recently I felt that since Christmas I've hardly lost anything. I checked that theory tonight and I have lost 12lbs since January so it is coming off just a bit more slowly now! I said to my mum yesterday I need to learn that 1lb a week isn't pathetic it is a proper loss that equates to over 4 stone in 1 year! It's taken me 38 years to get to the size I started at so need to expect it to take a bit more than 5 minutes to reduce it!


Plodding on.......
Hi Becs,

STS is fine particularly after a big loss last week. You are doing great and you are right about that if you lose 1lb a week, in a year you will have great losses. I'm sure you already feel fantastic but just keep at it and in a few weeks you'll look back and realise just how far you've come already.

Gail x
Thanks Gail, I bought a wii fit off ebay last week and now doing two aqua aerobics classes a week so I definitely feel more confident and massively fitter. My colleagues are saying they can see a big difference now even though the past few weeks have been a bit static so I guess my shape is changing. I stupidly didn't measure myself when i started but have dropped 2 sizes in my work uniform, jeans and tops. Onwards and downwards for this week! Somehow "upwards" doesn't seem the right thing to be referring to when losing weight.:)


Plodding on.......
Hi Becs,

Well done on the clothes. I would suggest measuring now even if you didn't at the beginning. I didn't measure either but I was measured after 2 stone loss and again recently after 4.5 stone and I had lost 6 inches from my waist, 6 inches from my hips etc. So do it, it will be great to see the change !

Gail x
Well another week down! Very luckily for me I have had a nasty tummy bug for the past 2 days so tonight I lost 5lbs! This has managed to get me my 3 stone award though. So the real hardwork starts this week to try and keep the loss off.


Plodding on.......
Well done Becs. Congrats on the new shiny.

Fingers crossed for next week.

Gail x
Thanks Gail,

I can't believe I've managed 3 stone! If anyone would have told me 6 months ago that I would be 3 stone lighter now I would never have believed them. I feel fantastic and so positive that the first 3 stone have been pretty easy and if I stick at it and put in some more effort then in another 6 months I could be the lightest I've been in nearly 2 decades!:D


Plodding on.......
Becs -

I totally understand how you feel. I feel exactly the same. If someone had told me 7 months ago that I would be nearly 5 stone lighter and still feeling positive about the plan and sticking to it, I would have laughed at them. And although in some ways it gets harder (I am MUCH more likely to use all my syns now than I was at the beginning), in some ways it gets easier. If my losses are a bit slower one week, I'm not too bothered (ok, maybe a little frustrated but not too much !) and just keep at it. Whereas in the beginning I really needed that 'feedback' for results.

You're doing a great job :)

Gail x
Well this week saw a 2lb gain. Actually quite ok with that as only lost 5lb last week because of the tummy bug so was complete dehydration. So a 2lb gain still equates to a 3lb loss over 2 weeks. Slow and steady wins the race!

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