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oh. my. god.


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well i thought last night was the test of my resolve, pizza and chips (fave takeaway ever) andn wine (love that too) but tonight people came to mine for a bit of a get together. they came here because i wouldn't have been able to go to the restaurant they had chosen as was the original plan so it was to be coffee. well. they came with coffee. and cake, and another cake, four types of biscuits, dark chocolate and then ordered pizza for dinner.

holy cow.

i feel like i could take over the world right now. torturous does not do it justice. silly really considering it's just food...

abz xx
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Very well done girlie, I'm proud of you!
Much more willpower than I have :D

If you can do that, you can do anything :D

Jenni x
:talk017: well done :) thats fantastic, it really builds your confidence in yourself when you dont give in to temptation!


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well done u xx


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When there is take aways in the house i have resorted to thinking that some dirty sweaty man who hasnt washed his hand (after doing a number 2!) with a bad case of snotty nose hayfever has been preparing cooking and packaging it!

its worked so far im obv not that desperate- YET!!lol


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you did marvelous resisting all the goodies, well done and make sure you get rid of it all before you give in to temptation
half of it has been left at my hooooooooooooouse :(

so thomas is under orders to take it to work tomorrow :D

abz xx

Are you working tomoz Abs? If not and if Thomas forgets to take it with him.... BIN IT!!

DO NOT have it lying about!


Good on ya babes, proud of ya! You've done heaps better than me x x x


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i'm not at home. i'm working allll day. and he didn't want the biscuits and i shoved them in his bag anyways :D hee. i'm not overfeeding him. he's a stick insect at 6 foot 2 and 11 st 7. :D

i'm not bothered again. it's the pizza smell that does it every time. and freshly made cake by one of your friends. made by the same friend actually who made the best cake i've ever tasted in my entire life ever!!
and now she's moving back to newcastle. *sigh*. apparently it was a (what's that woman's name, the one who practically has sex with the food she makes... ummmm. can't remember but you know the one i mean :D) recipe so i'll be able to look it up... when i remember who she is. ha. my memory is shocking at the moment!!

i was really bad with water yesterday so really need to get glugging today.

abz xx

abz xx


Call me Linzi...
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apparently it was a (what's that woman's name, the one who practically has sex with the food she makes... ummmm. can't remember but you know the one i mean :D) recipe so i'll be able to look it up...
abz xx
HAHA!! Would that be Nigella Lawson Abz?

Well done babes!! Willpower with a touch of ketosis is a wonderful thing! xx
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Fair play to you - I wish I could be that strong. You did brilliant!!


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NIGELLA!! that's it, ha. yes, it was one of hers. some kind of delicious chocolate cake involving raspberries. mmm. anyhoo. thankfully she didn't bring that last night or i would have been in a whole new realm of hell, hee. it was some kind of flanny fruity creamy thing. looked amazing but much easier to resist :D

abz xx


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Well done chick!

Like half of the people on here I don't know if I could have resisted temptation!



Step away from the chips!
Good on ya girl!

I was at a wedding Saturday and also abstained - but it wasnt difficult, thats all i'll say lol ;)

Feel very good about it all the same :D


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Well done, wish I had half your willpower!!

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