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Simply s-u-b-l-i-m-e

I feel all dreamy - did I really just.......EAT?????


Well, that was the most beautiful peice of fish I have ever eaten!!! What a most interesting and enjoyable experience that was. I really mean it, that was the nices fish I have ever tasted. The most deserved and the nicest. :D

Now, I spent a leisurly 28 minutes enjoying that. It was as if my taste buds were waking up one at a time - it just got better and better - and I found it a very VERY emotional experience! Did any of you? I mean, at first - I was in awe of the tase and texture - and then the flavour hit, and I was like a little kid - and then it just got better and better and then I even cried a little. <sigh> WHat a trip. I dont think anyone would understand this unless they had gone months and months without food.

A very good thing is I have just learned, I have really learned something! The peice of salmon was slightly larger then it should have been. But I was going to have it. i was going to be consciously naughtgy as I have not had anything else on the diet - been 100% - so was going to allow a little mischief. But when I put the fish on the grill, I looked at it and said - that is WAY too much for one (it was smaller then what I would have had a year ago) and without any thought, or chatter, or good girl/bad girl, I just got the knife and cut it in half and put the other half in the fridge for a salad on day 3. There was NO internal/external struggle. It just "made sense".

Then - I sat down with my half a peice of fish which was now about the sie of my palm minus my thumb. (i always felt I got gipped using the palm for a measure because I have very small hands!! lol) Anyway - I would have called that a small portion.

I could only eat half!! I spent 25 minutes, drank plenty of water with it - looked at it - smelled it - really enjoyed it - but there is no way I could have finished it - and I am absolutely shocked and chuffed at the same time.

I know it makes sense as our tummys have shrunk - BUT - I really expected I would eat the whole thing.

So, yeah. Way cool moment!! My first taste of fresh food.




(my cat watched me eat the whole thing - at some points I was enjoying it so much I had my eyes closed!! ANd was swaying and going MMMmmmmmmmm..... I think she thought I had lost it.)

Oh, and one last thing.... many times people will say "Food is better then sex", when of course they don't mean it.

But. After 271 days....in this instance....it WAS!!!! :rotflmao:

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I know exactly how you feel.

I hope you are going to have a shake for breakfast and one for lunch now to get used to the reality of having three meals a day.

I am battling tonight am sooo hungry but I know why I had a biggish lunch and that always happens. Only had veg tonight and that didn't quite touch sides hehehe.
I do want to get in the habit of breakfast - but I am not sure how I am going to work it out yet. We have no facilies at work for lunch -no microwave or kettle and nowher to use a blender. I could take a bar for lunch I reckon? But deinately on my mind as a habit I want to get in to. I read a very good article recently about the importance of breakfast, and it is the first article that has convinced me its a good idea. So def on my list of top 5 chanes to make permanent.

CHeers lovey!

Simply DIVINE...every morsel was slowly chewed and like you, water in between mouthfuls. It's not as long for me as it has for you, but I am totally with you. The taste buds just come alive and it is certainly amazing how quick you become full!! Have to admit, I'm looking forward to a wee bit of salad leaves on Thursday and never would I have ever imagined feeling like that about salad :D xxx


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great news bl- u just bought memories flooding back of my 1st meal :)
whats on the menu tonight? hehe.
Breakfast is a must- i never ate breakfast when i was bigger and i honestly see how that lead to binging and overeating during the day.
I know you cant have carbs yet but a couple of weetabix or a small bowl of porridge is less than 200 kcals and really does the trick and keeps me full and snack free for hours. I know itsdifficult at the moment but something i would really reccommend and its defo helped me stay on track :)
enjoy eating- you deserve it :) xxxxx
Thanks Kellie - I definately am going to make that the norm, having breakfast that is.

Do you have yours as you wake, or do you take it to work/uni? And the 200g porridge - thats the oats weighed BEFORE cooking? Do you cook it wil milk? Looking forward to porridge again one day. :)
:rotflmao: See! Proves my point!! Americans should just not DO metric!! Or read nutrition values!!Perhaps that explains all my weight gains!! hahahahahha I wish I could blame it on that!!

Thanks LS!! hehhehe


What is a kcal? Is it just a calorie then? What does the k stand for?? ANyone?


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i get up- get dressed shower etc and then have it before i leave. I cant eat as soon as i wake up- i like to be properly awake before i eat or it just makes me feel sick. I use "oats so simple" its a little more expensive than standard porridge but its already measured out and you fill the milk up to the level on the side of the packet so you know exactly how much to use- just makes it a bit easier really!
I add a little sweetner- or the golden syrup flavour is lovely :) hehe.
200grams! hehe no, 200 calories. I dont know what the K stands for actually- but the reccomended daily amount for a woman is 2000 so your having like less than 10% of your daily calories in the most important meal!! great stuff :)
make a point of sitting down and eating breakfast and just giving yourself 10 mins in the morning as it really makes a difference but its also such an easy meal to skip!

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