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Oh my husband is such a.......


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:mad:I lost 10 lbs so far (ok not so much) but many people have said they can see a diiference in my face and waist. But my husband? He has said nothing!!! He said he cant notice anything... AARRGGG!!! He has even been away for a week (the week i lost it all) and still cant see a difference.:mad:
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Ooo how annoying!! Try and ignore it hun! One word...male! No offence to all the men on here obviously cos your all lovely and wonderful lol ;) but he is...a man! I bet he will soon open his eyes and notice when he realises the attention you get off other blokes :) xx


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That must be really disheartening hun.
Try not to let it get you down though, you're doing great. 10 lbs is a LOT of weight!
I was talking to my boyfriend about my weight last night.
I am 13st now but was 10st when I took him away for his brithday 2 yrs ago (had lost about a stone to get to that).
We were looking at the pics and he was saying how slim I looked but he said at the time, he didn't even notice!
When you live with someone you don't notice these things so much and lets not forget - he is a man, they are not exactly know for their observation skills are they ;)
Keep up the good work and you'll be at target before you know it x
This Question was once asked by the band west life about there women putting on weight , they said they like their women to stay slim , maybe a little gain but that is it , but they would try to tell the partner in a nice way to lose the weight if they ever got big .


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lets be honest here - your husband sees you day in day out - ok he has been away but cuz he sees you all the time, and its only 10lbs he probably hasnt noticed. Not saying 10lbs is a small loss cuz its not, its great but he just probably hasnt noticed because he sees you all the time. Nothing to do with him being a 'man'.
Mainly that 10 pounds is water , but still you need him to give you something back for your hard work , even to say he will do something nice for you at each stone target , great idea THee


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it's pretty crap but at the end of the day you're losing it for yourself and just keep it up. He'll notice eventually and you'll already be feeling so muuch better in yourself. Well done and keep it up!!
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ive been on this weghtloss jurny for years n tried them all . a few years ago i lost 4 stone on slimming world every one comented on how much weght id lost but my husband and kids said they couldnt tell as you can imagin it went down well !!!

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