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Oh no, I blew it!!

You haven't done any damage at all!!!!! OK thing would have been better if you stopped at the chicken, but don't worry about the biccies. You'll be back in ketosis by tomorrow. Trust me! You won't even be hungry.

Please change your mood from 'sad' to something happier. No point in thinking about what you did, you've got to keep your eye on the prize, even when you make a mistake!

Thanks, I was getting ready to 'eat the house down'. Tomorrow is another day. Thanks for the encouragement, I think I'll end this day now though before I get myself into any more trouble.

Much appreciated.



Finally...Life begins
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Drink some more wawter! get to bed and it will all be ok in the morning!! Hugs xx


100% all the way!
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Never Mind

Yeah, don't worry about it. It's not going to hurt you. Keep your chin up! x x x



Fed up of being fat
We all have blips so you're not alone. Dont beat yourself up over it, could always have been worse as you said you could have eaten the house down. Today is a new day, get glugging and keep looking forward.


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hey dennie if i had a penny for everyone that gave in to temptation i`d be a rich girl now
put it behind you and carry on on that cd wagon
you can do it and from the amount you nibbled on it wouldn`t have done hardly any damage
so big smiley face today and carry on



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Hey hun, as everyone said its only a blip. You'll be back in ketosis in no time - only got the carbs from the bickies to use up and then you'll be back into it. *hugs*
Thanks all, back on the wagon and feeling a lot more energy. Weight loss has slowed down though, only lost 1lb on sunday and 3/4 lb yesterday so was a little disappointed until I measured myself and found that I have lost inches off every part of my body. On the back of my weight card I had to compare the measurements to make sure it was right but I have lost about 1 1/2 inches from everywhere - don't feel so bad now!!



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Well done Dennie. I found the inches came off more than the weight seemed to indicate. Its the inches that people see too!


Loving the Cambridge Diet
That is the way CD works - the scales may show little or no loss but the tape-measure tells a different story!

Well done!


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