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Why Be Normal?
Hi Jenny -- Stop now... and just dust yourself off and keep going. Don't wait to restart... don't quit. It is like running a race, you trip, you fall, you get up, check for injuries, dust yourself off, and start running again. The sooner you go back to ssing, the faster you'll slip into ketosis and less likely you are have much of a regain.

Please talk to your CDC about maybe going up a plan. People still have very good losses on 810 and 1000 -- maybe ssing isn't the best plan for you.

Do not beat yourself up over this... we all struggle at times.



2012..my year2b a size 10
Aaaw hugs hon... totally agree with Minnieme...well said. Good luck babe xxx
I've just done the same Jenny and feel like such a failure. Again!! Was doing so well till today. Its only day 6 for heavens sake
come on ladies, u can both do it!! like MM says, think of it as a race and get back up and get to that finish line!!! come on, u can do this !!! xx
Crazy int it? Started on monday and lost 6lbs in 3 days. Why would i not carry on after that? Why do i have this self destruct button? Maybe i've hidden behind my weight for so long i'm scared to lose it. Ooh gettin a bit deep now. Need to stop feeling sorry for myself and get on with it. Thanks Sarah x
Thanks ladies for advice, have stopped now and will start ss tomorrow and not weigh myself for two weeks so I won't know for sure if I've gained although it would be a miracle if I've not! Fingers crossed xxx
Great Attitude Ladies -- you can do this.

fantastic support for each other!!! team spirit all the way!!! we all have this self distruct button, and every now and again i push mine, we all do it so dont beat yourself up, just move on from it and turn it around :) i know its easy said than done, believe me i know, but it can be done, so many on here have done it and we can too :) big hugs xxx
hey , just remember we are only human !! we all do it ( well most of us ) I have been on CD for a while and lost a lot of weight but I still do it now and then ( yesterday in fact :eek:) but you need to try and learn something from each time .. what set it off , how it made you feel at the time , how it made you feel afterwards physically and mentally ...... and remember that horrid bloated sick guilty feeling and try and use it when the urge comes again ...
get back on the wagon and you will be back loosing again soon xxx
Well i've given myself a good old kick up the bum and feel lot more positive today. Got til thursday to turn it round, but just thinking a day at a time. As long as i get thru today i'll think about tomorrow when i wake up in the morning.Thanks for the support yesterday and sorry to be a moaning minnie. Jenny, are you with me? Good luck for today x
Good Luck to you both.

I have a large piece of paper stuck on the front of my fridge with DNSD written on it. If anyone asks I just tell them that it's got some directions on the other side of it that I don't want to lose and don't mention the DNSD bit. What only I know is that it stands for DO NOT SELF DESTRUCT! I find it helps to see it every time I go near the fridge, sadly it applies to other parts of my life than just CD!
Not a bad way to remind yourself of the goal. I have (inside the snack cupboard) my LL before and after pics. I am looking more and more like the after and that makes me feel better.

Hi lin59, glad u r feeling more positive today, I've had another bad day but determined that tomorrow I will turn it around and start again AGAIN! Will post tomorrow hopefully with some good news that I've stuck to it x

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