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Oh no, not an Islandic volcano again


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Just watched the news to find this:
BBC News - Iceland's Grimsvotn volcano starts new eruption

They say they do not expect this to interfere with airtravel, hope they are right, as we are off to Crete in June - precious holidays.
Has anybody here been disrupted by the eruption last year?
Yeah lets hope they are right this time, as my daughter and her bf are also off to Crete for a week in June!

My mum got disrupted by last one, wasn't able to fly to N.Ireland (she'd got as far as the boarding gate and then they sent them all home! :rolleyes:).


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Yeah I was going to Spain in May last year and the flights were cancelled right up until the day before we left. Our flight out was delayed by two hours but we did get there thankfully.

I'm off to Spain again in three weeks time, so hopefully it'll all be OK. I don't mind if I get stuck in Spain, as long as I get there :D


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Mom and dad got stuck in Spain for the last one, turned a 2 week holiday into a month, 2nd half was 5 star full board.
They are on a cruise at the moment but fly back Monday.

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my fella works for Duty Free and having no customers had a huge impact last year :( hope it blows the other way this time!!! :)


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Hubbie came up with plan B, just in case planes were grounded. He is seriously considering to drive either all way down to Piraeus or Southern Italy and take the ferry to Crete. LOL That's what I call determination.


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We were stuck in America last year because of it. Fun times :D Due to fly out there again on Saturday so got our fingers crossed flights don't get cancelled - we're quite happy to be stranded there again, but really want to get there first! We couldn't be unlucky twice, right??:doh:
we got stuck in Philladelphia last year for 12 days, we were actually on our way home when we were grounded. insurance co wouldnt pay a penny and as we had booked everything independantly and used an american airline, we werent covered by the eu law so had no comeback, however we hada great time there :)


Will get there one day!
It's not looking too promising at Heathrow.. Assessing the situation first light tomorrow also because of horrendous weather in Scotland lots of flights have been cancelled or diverted.


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:eek: Ooohhhhh - I can see it coming. Hubbie just called to ask me to look for alternative (ferry!) routes. :character00180: He is serious about it! LMAO!
Well, we still got two weeks until departure, might sort itself out?!? :innocent0001:

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