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Oh no - week 4 weigh in

Hi there,

Well, just got back from week 4 weigh in and I only lost 1lb, I know I shouldn't complain as it's still a loss but I am a bit gutted :(

Some of you may have seen my other post about what a terrible week I have had with work and my little boy but had managed to stick to SS 100%, however I haven't managed to drink enough water - could this really make such a difference?

I didn't expect to get a 1lb loss on CD (when 100% ss)- well not till I was close to target :D which I am way off at the moment.

I am still feeling pretty positive but have this little niggle that I don't want to get 'stuck' when I have such a long way to go - we all know the only thing that makes CD worth it is the big/bigger losses than any 'normal' diet!

Anyone else been here and had a better loss the following week?

Michelle x
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Yup, the one and only time I lost only 1lb was the week when I knew I hadnt had enough water. The following week I lost 5lb. Its a blip, but it will show next week. If you have done the plan then the weight will come off. Have faith in your body and just drink drink drink :D Hope you have a better week this week and your little boy is OK. December babies are the best (mine is 4 on Friday!) x
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Its probably down to the water. Hopefully next week will cheer you up with a bigger loss x


Staying on plan!
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its not only the water hun....
sometimes our body just holds on to everything, totm plays a part, and so does stress!
we are all different, and our bodies will do things their own way, but if you are sticking to plan 100% it WILL come off, just not always when we want it to lol
Thanks missfishcake, it's nice to hear you have had the same & understand! Happy birthday to your son/daughter for Friday! My little boy was 3 bless him!

Thanks Sammy and Claire, my CD also said that sometimes it just happens and there is no reason :-( stress does seem to affect me so aiming for a stress-free week.

Thanks for replying x


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Even with a 1lb loss, you've lost 24lbs in 4 weeks and that is amazing. One more week and you will hit the 2st mark. On week 2 I lost 2lbs but I lost 5lbs in week 3 so don't worry the weight's coming off.
Thanks Sylvie, thats good to know, I assumed that the first 3-5 weeks would be the biggest losses but I am starting to see from peoples signatures that the losses are up and down.

I am hoping to get to the 2 stone mark before xmas so next week is my last weigh in before then, fingers crossed.

I started the same time as you 17/11 - well done on your first month you have done great! x


Fat Fighter
S: 20st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 32.7 Loss: 6st0lb(28.67%)
Am hoping to hit the 2st target next week too. It says I have 76lbs to go but am thinking of moving my target to 86lbs so that am 158lbs. I will see when I get nearer the time. In essence we have around the same weight to lose. What are your X-mas plans?
Good luck on the 2 stone, although don't think you will need it :)

My target at the moment is 10st 12 which is the highest in the healthy BMI range for my height (just a bit smaller than you at 5"6) and then I thought I would see how I feel really?

My xmas plan is I am SS right up to xmas day and boxing day and then I am having those 2 days off but without going mad, I am still going to have 1 or 2 products on those days and stay away from the main carbs as I get bad headaches and don't want to suffer too much getting back into ketosis. After boxing day I am straight back onto SS and relying on this forum to get me focused again :) How about you?

Serena A

Can't think of a title
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Sounds like that infamous week 3/week 4 slowdown that lots of people seem to get, they always report a great loss the week after so fingers crossed for you I'm sure you will be fine xx


Fat Fighter
S: 20st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 32.7 Loss: 6st0lb(28.67%)
I will SS too all the way to X-mas and then on X-mas day I will have 2 packs and I will eat some veg and protein. I will not have any carbs or a desert. I might have a malt toffee bar as my desert. Haven't decided yet lol. To be honest I just want it to be over so I can forge on with the diet and lose more lbs.
Thanks Tara - your weight loss journey is amazing and looking at your different results on your signature gives me a boost :)

Thanks Serena, fingers crossed for a better one next week!

Sylvie - Im with you on the getting it over asap so can focus on SS, once your head is in the right place you don't want to risk it, that said I am looking forward to my small xmas meal (with no potatoes!) and that is keeping me going.

Thanks guys x

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