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oh no!


I want to be fitter again
If you are in control and are happy with the experience - - - enjoy. If you are feeling guilty and it is ruining your day Stop !! happy Valentine's day. I would love to be given something by someone :(
i didnt get anything either :cry: im married too, what happened to romance, all i got was the corny line "well you have me (meaning him of course) for valentine :rolleyes::rolleyes: what else could i need!!!!!:confused::confused:
ideas for your remaining chocs
1. take them outside and jump all over them
2. freeze them as suggested
3. eat them all, go completely off the rails feeling sick and restart tomorrow being 100%
4. enjoy them :17729:

am i jealous !!! well yes but i have a wi in the morning at 10 lol and i soooooooo want to get my 5 stones award
I initially got my gf nothing as we had had a discussion about valentines day and we decided no presents this year. However seems she forgot that discussion and got me some muppet boxer shorts and a vintage carded trilogo Darth Vader (only Star Wars geeks will know exactly what that is). So I got last minute emergency perfume.
Would not have bought her chocolates though - think she would have punched me if I had!
Put the rest in a ziploc bag and put them in the freezer ..
This is a fab idea....my boyfriend gave me two bags of lindt mini eggs...heaven!! But i have almost finished one bag today :( Felt gross earlier so had to go to the gym and burnt more than 800 calories but still feel horrible....on my way to put the rest in the freezer now!! :)

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