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oh - oh !!!!

mrs a

fat,frumpy,fed up
oh dear - i think i've been and gone and done it :eek:

i've just had an enormous glass of Baileys :eek:

never thought of all that cream and gawd knows what else that is in it ...........................

i'm stressed outa my brain here:sigh:

fallen out with my sister about me having to do all the visiting and getting the house ready for my dad :rolleyes:

my daughter has really got to me :confused: when i said i would never put all this weight back on and if need be i would buy the pills once a year and how i wished i had never wasted all my years being overweight she said - oh it's all right for folks like you who can stick to it faithfully - what :mad:

i am on my own today and have been nibbling all day and am just waiting for my punishment to arrive :sign0007::doh:
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Mine is well on its way tommorow ! Oh dear !
We shall suffer together !! xx


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Don't worry! You've done so well mrs a. If your tummy was going to go nuts it won't wait until tomorrow, believe me! Sorry to say it, but if you feel a bit windy go to the toilet as it can feel like wind but be mr tango! Back on it tomorrow with the rest of us. Here's to a new week ladies!
Sorry to hear about your domestic, don't let it get you down or put you off your stride xx


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The side effects can take up to 72 hours to arrive, depending on the food and how you react to it. But don't worry, I often find experiencing the side effects is a good way of getting me back on track to make sure I don't experience them again! :) Today is over and done with, just brush it under the carpet and move on to tomorrow. Tomorrow is a new week, so get back on track and keep going :)
so sorry your going through a bad time mrs a, stresses like that dont help. Remember we are all here for you, through good and bad!! Sometimes the side effects come the same day sometimes it can be upto 3 days later!!

Some dont understand how hard it can be to try and lose the weight, i am guessing maybe your daughter doesnt have a weight problem? If you have never been over weight its hard to understand what others are going through!!
Mrs a, i am so sorry to hear your going through a tough time, families who needs them !! People don't understand what its like to be overweight and how it affects us......
Be strong hun your doing so well.....xxx