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OH still not speaking to me...


has started again!!
As a follow up to my post re OH and the row we had, day before his B'day (row last Sat).

He is still not talking to me. Sh*t.. I loathe sulking. I am also very stubborn and it is his choice to talk or not. Cant be bothered to as amazed he is being such a tit.

Still, once upon a time I would have headed for the kitchen in times like these.... but not now.
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Well done on being strong and keeping out the kitchen, if you feel the pressure building and think you may give in to temptation just come on here and have a chat or rant.

I too am very stubborn, hubby is too so if we have a row, its like who is going to speak first. Im sure things will get sorted soon.

Dont forget we are here for you. xx
Well done for not turning to food when you feel like this. I am very stubborn too but sometimes I have to decide if my pride is more important than my marriage. This diet is very hard on us as it's so extreme and I've found my feelings can be magnified sometimes. I think it's also pretty hard on husbands who are expected to do more to help with food preparation and be generally super-sensitive to what we're going through. I know I expect mine to be able to read my mind! I hope your situation gets sorted out soon and that one of you can make the first move towards reconciliation. Most of us have been in this sort of situation before - it's such a relief when it is resolved. Good luck!


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Why not just tell him that life is too short for not talking.

A six year old girl was killed here yesterday when hit by a truck near where I work and just makes you realise that life is so damn precious and too short for not talking to loved ones :-(



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I'm like you and can be very stubborn, but sometimes it's worth just being the first to break the ice and I think only you knows if you want to do that. My never fail ice breaker is when the mood is particularly silent just walk up to him and start kissing him .... at which point we both just laugh and it all gets better from there.

I do have to congratulate you on staying out of the kitchen though at this time, as it would be the kind of time that would have found me heading in there.

Don't worry, it'll all sort itself out soon.

Awww... hug for you.. I'm crap at being the one to make up firsf.. but it always feels wonderful when I do.. go on you've enough to cope with without this sh~t too!!!

Well done for not turning to the fridge though.. thats a real achievement and a mark of how well you're doing!


for you..


has started again!!
Thanks everyone. Hopefully to be resolved soon.

Ice moose, thats so very sad. It does put everything into perspective, certainly.


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