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Oh what have I done?

Was feeling fab. Got back to my 2 stone award and felt really motivated to plough on.... then the weekend came and I just lost the plot, again. :sigh: My in laws were down which always seems to make things worse food wise as its a lot of coffee and cake, meals out ect. See Im very good at making a million exuses for mhy i cant stay on track, and why i can start again tomorrow.
Oh I drive myself mad. And Im even more disappointed this time as i really thought i had sorted myself out. I keep up and down over this 2 stone.
If i didnt have a countdown im not sure that i would carry on going to sw. That said, ive also realised that this really really is going to have to be a life time thing for me. And once i get to target im going to have to continue it forever because i just cave in and binge on everything i can get my hands on. Feels like i have some serious issues with food at the moment. :break_diet:

Ive got group tonight so i will see what the damage is. I just hope its not too bad. But its going to be embarassing thats for sure. And my consultant is leaving tonight so i feel like ive let her down too.

Oh my goodness...
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Loves the Nom Nom!!!
As long as you keep trying thats the most important thing. I hit a barrier with my weight and was bouncing up and down for nearly 2months then i decided i needed a change of plan so came to SW. not saying its the same for you but the change seems to be working for me.
You have done incredibly well losing the weight so far and if you're having a busy time its ok as long as you enjoy it and dont beat yourself up about it! There will always be times like this and its human to want to be the same as others at times!
Keep trying and you will be fine!!! :D
How long have you been overweight?

Is it realistic to expect to change the behaviour that ruled you for that long instantly?

That is like asking someone who can't drive to read the highway code, show them the pedals and buttons on a car and then saying "there you go- you can drive now- on your way"

This takes practice, you make mistakes, things don't always go to plan, life happens- the absolutely VITAL thing is that (like you have said yourself) you don't make excuses and keep trying.

This isn't for wimps, but you will do this, maybe not tomorrow, but it will happen if you are determined enough and just keep going.

Hi just draw a line under it and try to think a way around this love hate relationship you have with food. First off try and recognise your binge triggers (there are always some). My binge triggers are stress, hunger and with holding treats. Secondly try to find ways around these triggers for example when i have to go out to a coffee shop with a friend i will eat beforehand so that i dont get tempted and if i do i wont eat as much (i also shop with a full stomach so that i dont buy unnecessary things). Don't deny yourself treats either just syn them and where you do have a binge just draw a line under it because most sw people i know have the occassional binge xx

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