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Oh yeah!! I am back!

Hello lovely people.

As some of you know i had to go through the first 3 days all over again but i'm here to tell you i am now back into ketosis and loving it!!

Was so tired last night and my headache was like nothing i'd experienced before (am rarely ill and never get bad head) but last night i couldn't sleep for the pain above one eye and by 2am i was throwing up...which i'm sure is probably classed as a migrane but never having one before i'm not sure.

Anyway have woken up this morning feeling fab and know i am back in ketosis...i love this feeling so much! I haven't been myself for the past few days as withdrawl really effects me and i become so damn miserable.

Looking forward to reading all your threads and posts again and finally feel i can come back on here giving motivation advice again...now let me go and subscribe to one of these challenges!!

Have a great day everyone.xx
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Hiya, Good to see you back and in ketosis too! :D

I'm glad you are feeling better today - it does sound like you had a migraine.


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well done hun keep it up.... im on day 3 today but have horrible breath so may be starting ketosis but am still tired :(
congrats on getting back into it so easily :)
Welcome back, the worst is behind you, you're back in ketosis and you'll see that weight falling off you again in no time.

All the best x
Yay, i'm so pleased for you. Life is so much easier once the ketosis fairy has paid a visit.


Step away from the chips!
Great to hear you're back in the pink - but omg you're recent experience has me panicking big time about taking my packs away with me :eek:
Welcome back i knew you would fly back into it (pardon the pun)
Hey well done x looks like im gonna be strting my three days again as i didn't resist a little piece pizza today even though it was tiny i take it still knocks you out of ketosis:mad::break_diet:


Gonna be who I wanna be!
Welcome back airgirl. Sorry to hear you havent felt too good. Glad your back.

By the way i hope you dont mind me saying but you are sooooooo pretty

Sian XX:eek:
Aww what lovely messages to come back to, thankyou everybody and Sian, bless you i don't take compliments eaisly but they are more than welcome..lol, so thankyou.
It wasn't easy at all and most def harder the second time around so any of you thinking of straying..DO NOT DO IT, seriously it is so not worth it, like i said before the food i did eat didn't even taste that good...the whole time i had done cd i imagined how i'd feel eating again, even getting people to describe the taste of their dinner to me but HONESTLY it wasn't all that at all.

As for the pizza bit you did well to stop at a little bit, just drink loads of water and hopefully as it was such a small amount it won't take you out of ketosis.

I'm so happy to be back...felt left out with all you lot doing so well, staying strong and having fab losses...bring on the weigh in!!
nice to have you back airgirl
i havent been on here much for the past week as i have been AWFUL and not doing cd. finding it hard to get back on it.

but i dont know why i stayed away, as reading the posts on here is a big motivator and im gonna really give it my all and get me back in ketosis

i miss smiling randomly cos ketosis seemed to send me high!! :p

well done on getting straight back on it. you determined thing you xxx

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