Oh you carry it well...


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I've had comments about carrying my weight well :eek: what an odd expression LOL.

I suppose I am well proportioned even though I'm still big.

My consultant asked me how much more I want to lose and I told her another 7 and a bit stone, she said no way! That would take me to 10 stone (ideally I want to be 9) so I told her my weight and she was shocked and said.. you never weigh that much.. you carry it very well. LOL made me laugh.
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Jolene Gisby

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Surly your consultant knew your weight, does she not weigh you every week??
Its good to have an idea of what you want to loose.. i stil dont know what i want my target to be.


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I constantly get told that also. I am 5 feet 6 and am big but everything is in proportion, like i'm not an apple or pear shape and one day i asked my brother and friend what weight they thought i was, they all said about 14 stone, i must carry it well as i'm 17 stone!!


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S: 24st8.5lb C: 22st10lb G: 16st0lb BMI: 56.3 Loss: 1st12.5lb(7.69%)
One of our target members does the WI and has done for years, so I've no problem with that. The nice thing is, our consultant is genuinely surprised at who lost what because she doesn't know in advance.

Betty... I'm just over 17 at the moment, but my friend thought i was about 14.. oh I wish LOL


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Oh take that as a compliment!
No-one knows my weight lolx


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What about when people say things about you being big and then add its a shame because youv'e got a nice face, like you don't deserve to be big and pretty too. xxx


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Oh I've had that one too looby.. My mum even said it. It's such a shame you're so big, you have such a pretty face. Oh cheers mum!


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It hurts though doesn't it. Some people need to think before they speak. I remember one old lady who was walking behind me she said "And you have lovely legs too, its such a shame" I looked at her and said thanks, couldn't think of anything else to say. xxx


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People are really fatist though , now ive lost a huge bulk of my weight, its amazing how differently people treat me, everywhere i go, even some people at slimming world, i dont mean this disrespectfully but some people who only have a stone or so to lose can still be fatist against people who have alot more to lose . People say to me now ive lost weight "youve changed , your whole personality has changed , you seem so much happier" yes.. probably because the general public have stopped treating me like ive got 2 heads. Strange men now seem to think its ok to wink at me in the street .. thats never really happened to me before !LOL. Maybe i am just paranoid, but it does feel like more people want to be my friend now im what they consider a more acceptable size IYSWIM .. maybe I am more approachable and I have had a personality transplant along with the weight loss .. but its still a bit off, like as if theyre saying i was a right miserable sod before i lost weight..LOL


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I used to weigh in for Slimming world and it always seems so odd to me that I can wear an 18 in clothes and weigh 19st and someone the same height as me can be wearing an 18 at 13 st. Its all very strange... everyone acts shocked when I say Ive lost 6 stone and I want to loose another 7. They always say you cant lose 7 stone it would be much. They then look gob opened when I say Im 19stone. Im sure they just trying to be nice... Ive had the You carry it well comment too....but I know thats not true as Ive taken photos in my underwear lol. Maybe they just dont look properly.


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I carry mine well too !!!-

I personally use a size 48DD bra and a size 16 big pants to hold it all up:8855:
I know how you all feel, I think (no- I know) people look at me as if im a right idiot and stupid. I hate the comment 'Oh a big strong girl like you cant do that?' - that soo pees me off. Just want to slap 'em.
I tried my swimsuit on this morning- I went to egypt in it 2 years ago- and it still looks as awful as what it did 2 years ago!, so I am determined to get rid of me jelly belly!!


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And then there's the "oh you don't want to lose weight, your alright just as you are, it'll only make you look haggard" remark!:8855:
This post reminded me of this quote;
If there is one thing worse than being an ugly duckling in a house of swans, it's having the swans pretend there's no difference. - Teena Booth.

For all the times people have acted like I'm not overweight.
For example, when a group of friends and I are talking about what we're going to wear to a party or something and I'm like; ''I could do with a pair of black jeans actually'' then someone who's a size 10 pipes up (I'm a 16-18!) and says ''I've got a pair you can borrow''.

Does anyone know what I mean by that?!

I'm 5ft 11 - so pretty tall! I've had both the ''You carry it well!'' and ''Shame, you've got a pretty face!'' remarks.