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ohhh WHY?

I know it doesn't help, scales not moving is soo tough but I am sure it will just be a bit of water retention, hang in there.

nooooooooooooo .... your body has lost a lot ......... look over a bigger period xxx


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I did drink dr pepper last night. i know it has no citric acid, but still. oh whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy did i get weighed????
but your body has lost 2 st ........... its regrouping !!!! wait for next week ....... DO NOT give up xx
I did drink dr pepper last night. i know it has no citric acid, but still. oh whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy did i get weighed????


Don't give up, you're doing wonderfully well:)

Did you weigh yourself or was it a weigh in with your counsellor? I'm sure you have lost fat, perhaps there is some water retention for some reason (period?). Don't fret normally when this happens you find the next weeks weigh in will compensate.

Hi Annie I'm in Cheshire too! The first two weeks I lost 14lbs. and since it has been s-l o-w but I have suddenly dropped two sizes (well only just two - I am certainly wearing two sizes down today and it fitted just fine!!
I have done LL before this and sticking to it religiously lost just 1lb one week the same the next and then suddenly 11lbs in one hit. Be not disappointed .... if you are doing it right YOU WILL LOSE. Dr Pepper is not on the list as allowed; no calories perhaps but maybe its the citric acid - you are not to have that either. Coke Zero is okay but no more than 2 and a bit cans a day according to my counsellor. :sigh:



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Hi Annie,

Don't be too down hearted and don't give up, the scales will catch up with you and I bet you get a terrific loss next week.

In the meantime, have you measured? Sometimes there is no lose on the scales, but the tape tells a different story.
Been out sulking round John Lewis...caught sight of myself in the mirror and guess what....my face definately looks thinner!!!!!!!
Got back and hopped on here, thankyou all so much for your support. Back at work in the morning so i will get stuck in SS. Havng said that i haven't eaten today so, so far so good BUT i haven't had any CD either..so far so bad!

To Lose Long Trek Checked DR Pepper....no citric acid and Hahahahaha, just said your name out loud. Brilliant.

Must do it! Thankyou...and your av always makes me laugh.

Holly..tape measure says my tummy (not waist as tummy is enormous) is now 40 inches and was 47 when i started so yes, thats good (ish)

Still thinking about my thinner face!!!

minilady... my Cd man doesnt weigh (?) so yes, it was me. No period though..i take the pill non-stop.

Anyway ladies, thankyou all so so so much for the support. The thought that people had actually listened to what i had to say and bothered to reply WOW! thanks. A big boost for me. xxx
Hi Annie

Great you are sounding much more positive this evening. I think Icemoose posted a thread ages ago re scales not moving. Along the lines of it being physically impossible not to lose weight on CD due to the very low calories so any non movement in scales is due to water retention or being bunged up. It usually results in a really good loss the following week so hang in there - you will definately be losing weight just a case of waiting for the scales to catch up!!

Does seem a little unusual that your CDC doesn't weigh you though.

i am bunged up...didnt realise, never thought of it but it has been 5 or 6 days.
Re:CDC this next time i am going to contact Jem from this forum as it seems she lives near to me. The present cdc is well hmmmmmmmmmmmmm not sure what to say. Can only get a month at a time, no less, no mention of tetrapaks or bars AND i collect the packs for 2 friends he only saw once when they first weighed in......... over a year ago. SO we are all going to call Jem and see if she can see us all. We want to have a proper support group going. I have enlisted my colleagues onto here and they are lurking not posting...............so far!!

I will keep going though,in graet part thanks to the support on here. Imagine if we all met up one day!


To infinity and beyond!
Hi Annie,

Glad you are feeling happier.

7 inches from your tummy is fabulous - well done :)

I would certainly get in touch with Jem, think you need more support than you are being offered and I would have thought a weigh in was the least to expect.

Keep up the good work!

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