Ok day2


on the up lol
well done for getting day 1 gone :) does get easyer, im on day 12 now and feeling great :p , (second time on LT lol ) we got rain here YAY washing all the snow away lol , still cold tho but at least the dreaded freeeeeze from LT seems to have passed

Getting Slimmer

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Hi and welcome. The first week is always the hardest, but will be worth it when you get weighed. Just make sure you're drinking loads of water, black coffee and tea. Helps to keep the hunger at bay. We've got rain here, I'd rather have that than the snow!! Good luck hun. x


I love my purdy shoes
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Keep up the good work, once the first weeks over you'll be sailing through. We've had rain still icy on the pavements though :(


I will be skinny again!!!
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Hey sorry to hear its been poo!!

Hang in there though xx