Ok here are my before and afters!


Im being very brave here !!
The biggest one of me was last year at 15 stone, the one with me in Amsterdam was about a month before starting Cd at 11 stone 10, and the last one is me today at 10 stone 8. Oh I'm 5 foot 1", so was obese when I started the CD.
I look like a completely different person !!
Argh its scaring me !!:)
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Wow and you are doing brill!

Well done!!!!!

Now Im seeing why people thought I was pregnant again !!!:(
I am so pleased I'm not like that anymore, and NEVER again either !!
Oh wow your look gorgeous! yes you do!
The weight loss has knocked years off you! I dont know old you are but you look really young anyway. But wow! :eek: what a difference! thanks for sharing and big congrats! You look amazing!

Wisp, you look fab...what a differece in picures. I agree you look a lot younger, too.
Well done you!!!!
Hi Wisp,

Can I just ask you how you lost the first 3 stone & 4lbs? Was this also on CD? Its just that I am havin a disastrous time on it. Using same scales and weighin at same time, etc. I have been SSing since Friday and I have put on 5lbs.

Well done you!!
Crumbs, you look lovely- and hugely slimmer. Well done.
Thank you so much everyone! It means alot to me to hear that, as I still don't have much confidence about my appearance!! Im actually looking forward to being able to post a new picture in another few weeks now! :)

Beentheredonethat; I'd lost 5 stone in 2002 using weightwatchers, so last summer I just followed the points system at home without going to a class.
I lost 3 stone, but really lapsed and just couldn't stick with any diet at all to lose the last 3 stone. The CD is fantastic, as the results are so much better than seeing 1lb a week come off.
So pleased I found it, or I think I'd have carried on with my binge eating and put everything back on again!!.
Even thinking about becoming a CDC when I'm done- I need to spread the word !! :)