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I will get into that wedding dress!
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Hi all

As you may have guessed from my posting non stop one minute and then nothing the next i failed....I couldnt even last the day...i thought maybe i didnt need to use LT

But it has just come to a head...I got ready to go downstairs to work went down and one of the regulars told me i looked pregnant in the dress i was wearing...so i came back upstairs to get changed and nothing i wore fitted even stuff i bought less then 3 months ago im gutted i text DH to see if he could work tonight as i was to big for all my clothes..im so upset i feel disgusting i feel like a hidious monster....i feel like i really want to die i know that might sound OTT but i cant believe i feel like this i have a fantastic business, 3 of the most stunning children i could ask for, a husband who worships the ground i walk on (most of the time!!) and yet i feel i would do anything to feel better about me which makes me disgustingly selfish i cant win

Im sorry for the windgy post feel so cheeky coming on after ages and then moaning

I need to start LT again i think...Mondays going to be the start of a new life i hope coz something sure needs to change because im not sure how much longer i can go on...

Love Ems x x x
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weighs a lot less
sounds like you are in a better frame of mind to restart ,you can do this if you realy want too ,good luck hun xx
do something different and start on a Wednesday ya never know it might help monday is so like a new years resolution x


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Aww soetimes you do need to hit rock botto first hun to be honest..most of us did! Best of luck xxx
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3 fab kids and a lovely DH - that's great in itself - plus oodles of support from people here to keep you going...chin up and re-start asap xx


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Emmie, don't beat yourself up about this. Now you know what it feels like to be rock bottom you won't want to be there again, use that feeling to get through the first week.

The first week is definitely the worse - after that things will go more smoothly! I promise! I'm into my 7th week and I'm able to cook for my OH and 3 children without feeling jealous of them eating (not that I sit in the same room when they eat!!!). I have a lot more weight to lose than you and I know I have to do this - I want to be around when they leave school, get married and have my grandchildren!!!!

This site is here to help you when you feel at your most vulnerable and it has helped many of get through that tight time.

Good luck with your restart.



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your mind has got to be 100% with you on this diet, and it seems the comments made about your size have hit a nerve, you'll probablly thank the bloke in a couple of weeks so get back into the zone. good luck


Says it as it is!!!
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You should start tomorrow... you could be in or very nearly in keotosis by the time monday comes around!!!!! xx

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