Ok, I'm back and nearly ready to crack on with it!!!


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Hi everyone

well I know I've been missing a few weeks but I am just gearing up now to get back on with it. 2006 was not a good year but I am determined that 2007 is going to be a sgood as I can make it. I can't control the world but I can control; my weight, can't i?
Had a nice crimbo and new year and now have a really horrid cold. So I thought i would spend the next few days really planning my cal counting plan and then start 'proper' on the 7th of Jan. Don't want to start Monday as they can be bad enough anyway! Can't swim either at the moment due to dodgy chest so planning is my only real option. I go on hols 15th Feb and could and should lose a stone by then. I have put weight back, I had got down to 15.2 but have put 10lb back. Having said that I have not seriously made any effort since early October so I suppose it could be worse. I am still 2 stone 5lbs less than my all time worst so thats something to be pleased about.
I am pleased to see Russian Doll getting back in the mood and also to see Roch is around again. I have been popping in just not saying anything!

Anyway, Happy, Healthy New Year to all and lets get on with it, a slim 2007, sounds like heaven!:)

Welcome back Barb!! It's SO good to see you back and ready to have a go at cracking this darned nut again!

As you said, you're still lighter than when you started so that's a great POSITIVE! I'm still all over the place with SSing: I don't know how I'm going to do it but I'll do it somehow ... I point blank refuse to go back to morbid obesity!!

Looking forward to hearing lots more from you.
Huge hugs!!
Hey Debbie - even huger hugs! It's great to be back! I can't pretend I am back in the zone yet but I know i am on my way! We can do this you know, we can't let all this good stuff slip through our fingers. All we ahve to do is make up our minds and do an hour at at time. We can do that, I know we can. You Debbie are my flipping inspiration so you can't slip for long - I need you! Come on, lets encourage each other towards a slim and gorgeous summer - I like that idea!

Loads of love
Hiya Barb,
Its really great to see you back and glad your planning a calorie count comeback i am following albeit loosely the slimming world plan i go to my first meeting monday then its 100% commitment this is gonna be our year .
Lotsa luv Julie xxx
Hi Julie, thanks for catching up! I am so in need of a very sharp kick up the jacksy but the problem is I an also in the middle of this really horrible cold bug that's going round. So i have decided to start cal counting tomorrow but am not sure how I willcope as all I fancy at the mo is soup!!!!!
I think the thing is to start by cutting out the rubbish. I've eaten far too many biscuits this last few weeks and I've not been shy when it's come to the booze either. So, I will see how I feel tomorrow but I think if I start by cutting out the rubbish and focusing on making some really healthy soups then that would be a jolly good start. What do you think?

Hi Barb

Welcome back!!! Good luck with your journey, i'm sure this year will be a great one for you!!!

Hey Barb i dont think you are going to cause to much damage with homemade soup !!! MMmmm

As for the cold maybe you should get back to shipshape before you panic about your cals your supposed to feed a cold and starve a fever so i have been told !

Whatever you do get better soon
Luv Julie xxx
Hi Barb

It's great to see you around again! Good luck with your fresh start at calorie counting.

All of this week I have been eating lots of tasty home made soups - they are perfect in this horrid weather! I'd recommend (if you like them) vegetable soups with big pieces of veg in them - then they seem much more like a hearty meal, but obviously much less calories!

Enjoy - take care.
Luv CC xx xx xx
Gosh Julie I like your thinking. Now when you say feed a cold - would that include biscuits? Damnit, there I go again. Only kidding, I will try to be good although I think you are right, I may leave the full on cal counting till I am 100%, I want to get back to my swimming too and that isn't really likely whilst I am sneezing and coughing all over the place. Hmm attractive image!

Hi curvy chick, good to see you. I think you are right about soup, it is always filling and tasty and a good way of getting lots of healthy veg in. It also take a nice long time to eat and has the comfort factor.
I think it's the refined carbs I have to get off - flipping biscuits, I really must give them the heave ho.
Really love them though!

I do sympathsise Barb - over Xmas whilst I was with my parents in Malta - I ate a lot of stuff I can't eat on the GI diet and I am now struggling to readjust to life without sugar. I miss chocolate so much :( it is hard. But I keep saying to myself I want to be slim more than I want chocolate. Honestly - I do...

Goodluck sweetie!

Luv CC xx xx xx
Good luck to you too CC! I agree it's not easy but we can do it can't we? We deserve it after all and I am sure we will get rid of these naughty habits soon and then it will get easier. Famous last words!