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OK.. personal question

Did anyones, poo's change colour when they first started the diet?

I had internal bleeding just over a month ago, but the pharmacist said I would be fine to start the diet. Was really ill yesterday, almost like I was dehydrated but was drinking loads, then this morning went to poop and my poops were really dark.

Dont want to go back to the doc and say think I have been bleeding again if its just the diet lol?
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Depends on how long you have been following the plan. Some people report CD Poo which is like rabbit poo, very dark, very hard (break the pan type hard :eek: :eek: ) and small and round. Does that sound familiar?


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Well,gross as it is,mine are a greeny yellow,like breastfed babies,not hard but strange colour.


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Yuk with a capital Yu.:D If your a regular to the thrown like i was this LT diet sure does throw your movements out the window (ha imagine that....sorry:eek:)
Mine are very dark/black too but thats because im not going as often and im only having vitamins and minerals.

Jack x


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when i'm rabbit pooing its dark, after laxatives it is lighter. if you have had internal bleeding recently then i would go back to dr anyway, if you dont want to mention diet to him - just dont, if there is bleeding it will show up in a test, and if not - it wont, so then at least you know.

as for feeling ill, that could be the diet as we all felt a but squiffy at first and had similar symptoms, did you feel like this after internal bleeding or is it a new feeling?

best get checked out, internal bleeding can be serious if not checked out, espec if you are dieting too, you would loose iron and other vits and minerals and it would make you feel quite poorly.

some meds cause this too, so take any med details to dr too, dont rely on them to check, in case your doc is a useless as most of them these days ;)


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Thats exactly how i would describe it too!!!
mine were very dark brown with a hint of tan..... lol then I started pooing breeze blocks and it looked like the time of the month lol x


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Mine are quite dark and like baby poo. I can't win there either too mushy and hard to poop out or like bricks an they hurt my ass. Fibreclear is ok but my chemist recommended suppositries and they worked instantly yay no more feeling like that woman off the senakot ad with her big bag of food lol
Dulcolax is where its at- but be bloody careful- 1 initially and take the eye of a needle with you
What a lovely topic

Well, as we're sharing - mine are really really dark brown (almost black) and the consistency of Niagara Falls :eek:


Gonna be slim again
ROFL nice one Niyid


Queen of the Damned
Hope this helps Woman on a Mission :)
Ummm.... yum? lol


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Black poo, almost like tar can be a sign of bleeding into the stomach (the blood gets digested).
I would go to the doctor urgently, even if it turns out to be nothing, it can't hurt.

Fingers crossed for you hun,


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