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Ok so i dont have the book.......

am i being a fool?:sigh:

there are SO many sites on the net, ( i want to stay here though lol) that tell me how much i can and cant eat, but then i need to know how to count carbs and the like..

i need a run down or the induction and to know.....AM i really going to do this if i havent got the book or will i not learn what i need to know?

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Hi Missy, it's better with the book, but if you read the "So you're thinking of starting Atkins" stickie above that'll get you started.
ive had a google around too jim and reckon, with the amout of info in here and recipes to keep me excited about my next meal im not going to struggle,

As it stands now i only eat 1 bagel a day (not a big bread eater) i rarely eat chips,
My downfall would have been mash and roasties, but i have seen the cauli mash recipe so will use that and other root veg mash as a substitute, i can live without roasties....

and coffee and wine..my god the come down from lack of caffeine is going to be a killer for me! i drink it black and as many cups as possible in a day......going to start cutting down today i think lol..

and wine :(......ill have to use it as a treat once im past my 2 weeks induction! it will give me something to look forward to wont it lol

Im reading new and old posts to get recipe ideas and inspiration and will go shopping at the end of the week and get the staples i need and then im off and on the atkins wagon!

Cant wait!!
i have them all bookmarked ;)


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welcome :) i didnt have the book when i started (got it cheap off ebay eventually) I just used this site really.
I was the same with black coffee - once you get through the initial caffiene withdrawel you will be fine. as for the wine i think ive only ever had one complete week off lol x
Missy, you can stay on induction for longer than 2 weeks if you have a lot to lose love, I stayed on for 6 months.


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Hi Missy, welcome and best of luck with starting. There is loads of info but the one thing I do like about the book it really explains the "science" of it all, how it works, it's fascinating reading - although heavy going at times.

There's certainly a lot of info available to start but may be worth buying the book at some point.
seems so ditzee :D

i know i dont have to quit wine completely BUT that has ALWAYS been my downfall on every other diet i have done. The Atkins plan at the mo, from what im reading is perfect so i dont want to go a fook it up all by drinking (im not saying im an alchy, i just enjoy a glass or two in the evening)

ill use it as a treat at the weekend if i feel my lose has been good....

Jim, you can see my stats, i have a LOT to lose, i told my OH this morning, it's this or going to the doc and asking for an op....ive been on orlistat, seen a dietician, tried slim fast....im just about peed off with everything....this keeps ticking my book....so this is what im trying :D


Call me Linzi...
Missy I wasn't far off your starting weight & its been doing good for me!! I've had a tough month this month (my doing entirely!!) & have still lost 7lbs!

I love my wine & the one thing I have found since drinking on Atkins is that I don't get the munchies, I have had a couple of big nights out this month & enjoyed one or two glasses at home... the one thing that comes into my mind first is 'do I want empty calories' this usually helps my decision on how much I want that glass.

You'll do well & the big drop in the first week will help focus you too. xx
ditzee...you DO realise your words are now GOSPEL to me? lol
Missy, I'd stay on induction for longer than 2 weeks then love, and I wouldn't worry too much about the wine, I drank dry red wine most Friday evening during induction, I just counted the carbs in for that day love.
Ooh well I've got ask then, how many carbs in a glass of red?
Thanks - handy to know (just in case you understand!)
ooo and white wine is clearer therefore it MUST be lower in carbs! lol

am i right in thinking you can go no higher than 20 carbs a day? is that grams?
Yes 20 grams of carbs per day on induction, most of which need to come from leafy greens

That's fast becoming a mantra isn't it. :D


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I think ill have it as my facebook status for the day :D