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okay, got to bite the bullet - advice needed

hi everyone, am new to the ww forum but have been using minimins on and off for a while

i losu 2.5 stone on cambridge this summer and have kept it all off bar the 5 lbs i seem to have gained over xmas :( but am now determined to really get to goal.

i want to be 10 stone somthing
ideally 10,7 as this is bmi 25 for me

i have done ww before but have always ended up putting itall back on and only losing about 10lbs or so before i get bored.

i really feel i cannot go back on cambridge as i did it with my hubby who now doesnt need to diet anymore, it is not somthing i want to do aloe especially with the cold cold horrible weather.

So, am seriously considering joining a meeting to help me along and there is one in my area on a saturday morning which would be perfect in lots of ways as hubby can look after our little girl and it doesnt mean going out oj a cold dark evening - also I always wiegh less in mornings :D

does anyone have any advice about stickign with ww? and does it really really help to go to a meeting?

also, any warming recipes would be good,m comfort food type things etc, have ordered the cheesecake yoghurts and meringue nests from sainsburys ......
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is gonna shine in 2009
S: 19st2lb C: 13st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 31.4 Loss: 5st9lb(29.48%)
no point soup is a winner and warm and filling and best of all no points

1 butternut squash
1 large onion
about 4 carrots
1 white cabbage
2 veg oxos or veg stock cube

chop all veg into a pan, make up the stock with boiling water add to the veg and stir, add some garlic, either chopped or puree. and just boil till veg is getting soft but not mushy and the stock justbe thickenen. take half out and puree then replace to the other half and you have a thick chunky soup.

well done for taking the 1st step and deciding to do something re the weight! I think meetings help cos i'm not paying £5.50 for someone to weigh me and then cheat.

I've just had a healthy fry up, bacon, egg, sausage, mushrooms, toast beans and toms all for 6.5pts
Hi ,i would reccomend ww and the meetings.
With the meetings and coming on here it helps me no end.
I have done cambridge and lighter life but when my heads focused i can loose quite a bit on ww without feeling i am missin out.
What ever you decide good luckxx
thanks everyone for a warm welcome.

well i started today with 22 points and have had porridge made with water and granulated sweetner - is that free? so think its 1.5 points?

got ww soup and bread slices and bit of fruit for lunch with me today and got chicken drumsticks out the freezer for tonight for dinner, thinking about doing them with peas and jacket potato with a little bit of marg, havent worked out the points yet but think I am okay cos of breakfast and lunch being so low.

thanks for the recipe for sopup, must make that

i was given a carrot soup recuipe also by my mum which sound like it is zero point but tastes like more

it is carrots with garlic and onions, fry onions and garluc in frylite then add carrots and stock cube (actually guessing the stock cube has points now) but i tasted hers and it was scrummy so cant imagine its more than the canned ww soups?

am thinking i willgo to the meeting on sat morning, even if i dont go forever it will giveme the kick up the bum i need at the moment.
tyhanks everyone

i have been to meetings in the past which turned into a couple of people showing off about how badly they could go off the rails etc etc and discussions about what food we miss most and so on so not that helpful but am hoping i can find a good one this time

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