old but new :)


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hi guys i've been on here before, i think i joined in may, went on neris and indias idiot proof diet, and lost 3 stone.....then it all went wrong.
i did what i always do when losing weight and got overexcited that i'd lost weight and was feeling good so i got into that state of mind, 'oh a little bit wont hurt' which somehow turned into spurning the diet completely and i just ate and ate and ate.
i have a problem with crisps anyway and i thought i was over them, nope. as soon as i ate one i was hooked again. when i say hooked i mean i can eat bag after bag after bag until i feel very sick. the wierd thing is i kind of dont want to give them up bcos i love eating them so much, but i know theyre the root of my problems and if i dont cut them out completely i'll ruin myself. kind of like a drug addict or alcoholic, thats how bad it is.

what i'm saying is i ended up putting on a stone again and i want it gone, i feel horrible and my new found confidence has once again been lost.

i need all the support i can get, anyone in the same boat, anyone who's been there and done it, just anyone who has any tips.

i have a history of depression and i dont want to slip back into it!!!! i am happy, i want to stay happy, but i need to lose wieght to do so, it rules my life!

please help people, i genuinely cannot do this without you x

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You can do this, you have already proved that. It is all about determination.

Falling off the diet wagon isn't the end of the world, you just clamber back on again. So you have added a little extra time onto your journey. So what?

I have the same problem you have only it isn't crisps with me, it is chocolate. I can literally eat it until I am ready to explode.

I know Kate Moss got a huge amount of abuse for the nothing tastes as good as thin feels comment but I think she was spot on.

Mumma K

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Hello and welcome, try not to beat yourself up about it we all have moments we fall off the wagon the trick is to get straight back on it I'm a crisp freak too have you tried making healthy crisps yourself if you cut a potato really thin lay on a baking sheet and spray with fry light you get a large portion of crisps for little calories and hardly any fat


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Hi & welcome back :welcome:
It's so hard to lose weight especially when you're addicted to crisps!
But you've done it once so im sure you can do it again xx​


S: 18st0lb C: 16st12lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 1st2lb(6.35%)
thank you so much everyone
i will be abusing this site lots and hope i can support you all too :)