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Old clothes new me


Eyes on the Prize!!
I thought i would try on some of my old clothes to see it clothes how different I am.

I didn't expect to fit in them all but I did already!! Some are summer clothes so I shant be prancing about in those yet!

I was so shocked. Next week is my third week on this and I had never expected to be in clothes I hadnt worn for 3 years!

I mistakenly bought a size 16 skirt from per una at Christmas and couldnt do it up I remember feeling so down and thinking i should take it back and get a bigger size. But then I thought I should fit into it in a couple of months. But it fits now!! I know Im not a universal size 16 as sizes differ so much but this made me very happy today!!

Last night was a bad night. Was feeling really low and the scales didnt look to have moved very much and i was feeling crochety and sorry for myself but I went to bed thinking tomorrow is another day. So it is wonderful to wake up today and feel positive again. I know I really do have to take one day at a time.
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I will be skinny again!!!
Hiya Frog...

Im sooo happy for you... fitting into a smaller size is the vest feeling ever isnt it??? Keep up the good work!!!!!!


Eyes on the Prize!!
Thanks Chelly xx


No longer a redhead though!
Hi Crunchy, I have the same thing here. I bought a new skirt a few weeks back. Went to wear it on a night out and it didn't fit. Will wait a while to see if it does yet - so it'll be nice if it does and it's an 18. Maybe I should make that a mini goal!


Eyes on the Prize!!
It will certainly make you feel better when you step into it! Wont take long xx


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I remember that the first time round, I got out a load of clothes I hadn't worn since before I was married and before the kids, almost 10 years ago, and I was fitting in them, then I thought MMMM I wonder if I can fit in to my wedding dress yet... I tried it on and it was actually too big for me how crazy is that. The nice thing about the clothes fitting you is as you keep going down in weight and inches you keep fitting more clothes you never thought you could and also you will see a size 12 in a shop and think to yourself I won't fit in to that so you take a 14 into the cahanging room and then you realise the 14 is way too big, that is a great feeling. x