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(Old) SW Magazines


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I've dug out my old (2007/2008) SW magazines from my '(Th)Inspiration box' to have a read and I'm amazed at 2 things.

1. How relevant and inspiring the articles and stories still are.


2. Hasn't the plan changed since EE has been introduced! (My old mags were much more a of a broad balance between original and green. The new seems to be very much in favour of EE.)

Still I'm loving reading back through, and wondering how all the success stories are doing now. Some lovely recipe ideas too!

Anyone else keep their mags (or anything else) to read through/ look at again?

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mine go back to 1998.Shows how often I've broken the plan. I often have a aflick through and find recipes I've forgotten about.I can buy ww mags now we have EE and adapt some of their recipes.


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I got rid of load of mine & gave them to my old consultant when I defected to WW :eek:. I am back in slimming world fold so only have a few :( I should call her & try & get them back if she still has them as mine went back to 2000
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I've only been doing SW since January, but my C sells the old magazines at 50p a copy, to raise money for a local charity. Even though I follow EE, all the recipes are original or green, but I must admit, some of them are lovely! Same with the stories! Amazing!


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I have kept all copies since starting the plan, and I still use them if I feel like I need some recipe inspiration. I have no problem with them being red or green - just means you can add other ingredients to them!
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I don't keep mine but I do pull out all the recipes I may like to try or adapt (I'm veggie but often do the meat ones with tofu/quorn instead) in future. I put them in photo album, the ones with the sticky back and clear page you peel off. So they stay in good condition.

I occasionally keep a few of the success stories, especially if they are people who are my height/start weight



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I've got mags going back to the late 90s but I need to clear space and will have to have a chucking out session very soon after I scan any recipes I want to keep. My local library has a magazine exchange box so I'll just leave them there and perhaps someone else can benefit from them too!


is working hard.....
S: 20st1lb C: 14st12lb G: 12st13lb BMI: 28.2 Loss: 5st3lb(25.98%)
Te He - I'm so glad I'm not the only one who hoards them!

I've had a lovely Sunday drinking tea, and reading through some incredible stories and supportive articles.

I just had to stop myself cutting out the coupons as they were all out of date lol!



Here we go again ..
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i often pull out my old mags for inspiration and love many of the recipes i agree that the new mags feature mainly ee and it feels as if they are promoting ee as their main plan
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I've only been buying the mags since late last year, but I love flicking through them again. Esp reminding yourself of new products and recipes. Loads of ideas!! I keep meaning to attempt some of the desserts, esp the cakes :D
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I wish I could find my old magazines and recipe books; I had loads from when I did the plan about 10 years ago but I think they're somewhere in the garage. I should try to dig them out.


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I keep mine (dating back to 2003) in a filing cabinet, arranged by month, so that all the recipes are relevant for the time of year (you don't want Christmas pudd in July, do you - or maybe you do :D ). Each month I have a pile of that month's magazines on the bedside table to flick through


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i have loads of magazines, not just SW, i also buy Zest, Rosemary C, WW magazine, and i read all the success stories and recipies!!! i love them - but agree i need to have a recycling session!!! x


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When I started SW, I bought quite a few old mags from eBay. I find them really inspirational in terms of the stories, and useful in terms of the recipes. I delve into them every now and then when I need some motivation!

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