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OMG day 1

Day one is never hard for me and yes i have tried multiple times , its day two and three are hard for me. I dont usually be hungry i just crave stuff. Im starting again 2moro. So im hoping it goes better this time
I am on day 6 now so not too far ahead of you . The first 2 days I found the sheks really difficult to drink .. really salty and nasty but to be honest I really enjoy the chocolate and strawberry ones now , your taste adjusts and you dont notice the weird salty taste after a few days :)
I did try the soup and to start it seemed ok but after 5 spoon fulls I was nearly sick and dont think i will be trying that again !!!
Good luck and if you need any support, advise etc this forum seems great :)
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I found the first day to be ok as long as I kept busy. If you are like me I kept thinking about food! Don't think of the shakes as food, just fuel. I drink mine as fast as I can get them down me and go and do something else. Keep going because I have been on it nearly two weeks and although up to a couple of days ago it still bothered me. I can honestly say that I have never felt better. More energy, lighter and slimmer. It take a while to adjust you have had your eating habits a long time and you now have to adjust to new ones. You can do it, have a little faith in youself. Come on to this site for moral suport, everyone is lovely. Best wishes to you.


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Scatty, poor you. The first week can be difficult as your body is withdrawing from all the card/sugar and nasties. It is releasing it's toxins and adjusting to being on LT. You will feel tired, light headed, headachey, disorientated, moody, weepy and just generally awful!

I think most people find the shakes hard to stomach at first. I know I did, until I found a LT slush puppy! I put ice in the blender and crush it, I then add ice cold water from the fridge, add the powder and mix it together, et viola - a LT slush puppy! They are delicious, and I love them. Add coffee/peppermint tea/sweetener to your shakes (that's if you like those things) to try to spice them up a bit.

The water also has to be freezing cold to enjoy, add some ice cubes.

Believe me it does get so much easier once ketosis kicks in! In a week or two the initial yuckiness will be a distant memory. The high you get from your first weigh in will spur you on so much, and feel you full of determination, then nothing will stop you reaching your goal!

Keep coming on here and reading other people's stories. Everyone in here understands and knows what you're going through.


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I'm on day 8 and have got my 1st weighin tomorrow. I found day 4 the worst and I'v failed on day 4 , 3 times before. Last night I dreamt that I was eating toast for breakfast, I was gutted but then so relieved when I woke up and realised that I was still on track. Its really hard at the begining cos you havent lost any weight which spurs you on but by the 1st week your clothes will feel a bit lose and that feels great. Be strong and think how good you will feel next week xxx
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Hi Scatty, the first few days are hard, but it will get easier, I promise. As Betsy says, your body is withdrawing from all the nasties, so think of this time as a detox. Once ketosis hits around day 4, you`ll begin to find it easier. And once you`ve weighed in for the first time, you`ll be so encouraged that you`ll feel able to carry on. This site is invaluable when you need support or advice. Good luck.
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I hated all the shakes and really thought i wasnt gonna be able to make it threw the day so i totally understand. Try crushed ice with the shakesit makes it better and they do start to taste nice after a while. Im on week 10 and i gotta say the first week is worth it even thou i had a nightmarish one. Try find one shake you can manage and just stick to that for the first few weeks i drank just strawberry shakes for the first 6 weeks then i tried the chocolate shake again and it was divine.

Water wise try sticking to 2 litres in the first week it gets much easier to drink more wen ketosis kicks in coz the taste in your mouth makes you want to drink more.

It does get easier otherwise no one wud last. the first week is all about pushing threw every minute but wen you get weighted the first week seems like a distant memory.
Thank you everyone still doing Lt and its getting easier for me :D dont like the vanilla shakes much they seem very sweet, and ive got 8 off them left :eek: but next week i will get chocolate instead as i had 1 of the chocolate to try and i found it much better, thank you everyone for your support :wavey:

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