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omg help

no i didnt measure :( will do it today , just disapointed, i must admit im not as bloated as i used to be. Trust me to put weight on tho !
I did a low carb diet last yr and this happened to me, but by half way through wk 2 i had lost 5lbs, the following 2 wks i lost 8lbs!! :)
stick with it you've done the hard bit! xxxx

O and yes DO measure cos when i had actually not lost lbs I had lost several inches. xxx
wish i hadnt got on lol, will still weigh 2morrow and post as thats officially weigh day ( hope and pray a bit may just come off lol ) give it another good week and if still no loss, maybe its just not for me


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Oh dear. And no please dont give in x
Are you definately checking carb count of everything? drinking all your water? not exercising :D
S: 14st5lb C: 10st4lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 24.7 Loss: 4st1lb(28.36%)
also is your scales accurate ?
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Hmm, are you counting your carbs properly? I don't understand this.
Weight changes throughout the day as I am sure you know. If you ate late the night before that might still register as extra in the morning. If you ate a lot of salty things you might be retaining water. Water levels fluctuate madly at the best of times, from hour to hour as well as from day to day.

Always weigh at the same time of day, in similar clothes. I do NOT weigh weekly because I think fortnightly or even monthly is a much better indicator, particularly for those who have a comparatively small amount of weight to lose, and it makes more allowance for water and other ups and downs that are beyond our control.

Please don't lose heart. I stalled for eight weeks but kept the faith and, the following month, lost 9lb, to my amazement. My losses are very slow now that I am in Phase 3 but still I keep the faith!

Stick with it, you will be glad you did x
S: 25st0lb C: 13st1lb G: 13st1lb BMI: 24.1 Loss: 11st13lb(47.71%)
LOL, just goes to show that you can't trust the scales really. :)

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